Easter dinner ideas?


My wife and I are cooking Easter Dinner at our house this year. No idea what to make, but she wants to do a roast beef. Any side dish suggestions or roast beef recipes that you know work?


yorkshire pudding is mandatory at least in this family
if you can’t find that recipe find a popover recipe. the secret is to grease the pan liberally with beef fat and drippers, add more butter if needed.
in fact we only roast the meat so we can have drippings for YP
put the dough in a hot pan, and the pan into a hot oven


Go out to dinner! LOL Actually, we started doing this last year and it has made our Easter so enjoyable and special. We go to a fancy restaurant on the water, and they have this enormous, beaultiful buffet with prime rib, crab legs, etc.


www.allrecipes.com Easter Recipes! allrecipes.com/Recipes/Holidays-and-Events/Easter/Main.aspx

Beef Wellington


Standing Rib Roast


Yorkshire Pudding




Lots of ideas :thumbsup:


Glazed Carrots

Cut carrots into thin sticks, about 3 inches long. Saute in butter until slightly softened, season with salt and pepper then sprinkle brown sugar. Keep cooking until softened, adding more sugar until nicely glazed. If they get a little browned, all the better!

Sorry I don't have measurements, but this is hard to mess up! The kids love them, so I just cut and cook as many carrots (or bags of carrots) as I think will get eaten and just throw in the other ingredients as I go!


We are making lamb, kugel, and then whatever else is cheap when we go price things at the grocery store.


You all are making me HUNGRY (and right now I'm having lunch!) :cake::pizza::coffee::popcorn:


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