Easter ecard etiquette


Just about to send my ***electronic ***Easter Card, but not sure if I should wait till Sunday for it to be delivered.

For serious Catholics there is not much to celebrate until Sunday, so don’t want to offend, on the other side most people won’t be checking their email on Sunday morning, so many will miss the message for the weekend.

Please give me your vote for:

Send today (Good Friday)

Send Sunday (Easter Sunday)


You’re over thinking this. Seriously.

And, is there any such thing as “ecard” etiquette? What about **real **cards?


im sure they wont be offended to get it early…ive been sending my easter ecards…i use 123 greetings cos they have an advanced feature where you can set it for the card to be delivered at a later date…plus you can click the time zone of the recipient so that it gets delivered at a reasonable hour for them lol how about sending the card to them on saturday?


Don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Christ is already risen…he doesn’t rise again on Sunday. We have a lot to celebrate today! We have a risen Christ in our lives.


Christ has already risen, so there is much to celebrate…


I check my email on holidays… haha

though saturday seems like a perfectly acceptable day as well…


Sent mine this morning. Do it whenever - if they get it on Monday morning, no harm, no foul.


Happy Easter!



Just because you sent it, doesn't mean they opened it. And we serious Catholics celebrate Easter for 8 days (the Octave) so you are good. But, really, it's not that big of a deal.


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