Easter Greeting From the Mormons.

An Easter greeting from the Mormons:


I still have no idea how people can consider Mormons to be non-christian.:frowning:

our Lord has risen! Alleluia. Happy Easter to you and yours too.
those young lds members who knock at my door are all welcome and treated with respect. they must love Jesus too, but i’m not sure if they truly follow what he says.
let’s have joy in the Son of God’s resurrection.
God bless.

It is not disrespect for them. It is just recognition that they do not have the same concept of the Trinity and Christ as Chritians do.

It’s not exactly disrespect. It is…

He whom you would persecute you must first make ‘other.’

One does not, after all, criticize, attack, picket, lie about or aim guns (or spears or arrows or anything else lethal or hurtful) at fellow Christians. So before you can do any of that, you first have to kick 'em out of the club, so to speak.

This has a long and well practiced history in human history; not just in religion, but in everything. Before you can discriminate against someone, you have to see him or her as ‘other.’

From where I sit, the ONLY reason that other religions refuse the name ‘Christian’ to Mormons is that; they want to make us ‘other’ as the first step to ostracization, discrimination and persecution.

Why do you think that fundamentalist Christians claim that Catholics are not Christian? Why do you think that Catholics decided that the first Protestants were not…or why the Protestants declared that the Catholics were not–and in quite a few cases, still say that?

I find, from listening to all the different Christian faiths talking about this, that the definition of “Christian” is “He who agrees with me,” and the definition of ‘non Christian’ is “he who does not agree with me in something I think is important.” Doesn’t much matter exactly what beliefs are in contention, come to think of it. Certainly the idea that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah Whose Resurrection we will celebrate tomorrow…that particular belief doesn’t seem to be important to any definition of "Christian,’ since those who believe this are denied the title, and those who waffle about it are accorded it, depending upon who is doing the defining.



At any rate, have a blessed Easter Day, whether anybody else thinks you are Christian and thus deserve to celebrate it or not.



At any rate, have a blessed Easter Day, whether anybody else thinks you are Christian and thus deserve to celebrate it or not.


I’m sure that we all appreciate that you did your best to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Happy Easter why me.

I don’t know if you know much about the Jehovah Witness. Assuming you do, do you consider the JWs to be Christian? Does the LDS consider the JWs to be Christian?

I think that the lds do consider the JWs christian. But I don’t like the way they shun their members for not doing what is expected.

HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO! :slight_smile:

Here is another video from the Russian Mormon Choir:


It also puts Christ at the center of life through song.

No message. Question was already answered.

Русский Мормоны? Не может быть…! :eek:

How many Russian Mormons are there, anyway? I’ve honestly never heard of such people…I would not think the Russians would be very receptive to Mormonism, but perhaps things are changing over there.

Russian Mormons? Perhaps so! :slight_smile: Ol’ why me speaks a little Russian.

I have no idea how many Russian mormons there are. But I do know that some buses come over to the Helsinki Mormon Temple from Saint Petersburg and other areas. But how many mormons are there…I have no idea. The Russian Orthodox is not receptive to any faith that it would consider interloping on their turf and that would include the Catholic Church.

The reason why most people who call themselves Christians do not consider Mormons to be Christians is because Mormons have doctrines incredibly different from them.

Mormons believe in multiple gods, Mormons believe they may become God, Mormons believe in many other things that most people calling themselves Christian find to be far outside the acceptable range of doctrine to be considered a Christian.

The assertion that saying Mormons aren’t Christians is so that they can be ostracized and discriminated against, is completely stupid. Most Christians (including those saying that Mormons are not Christians) would not treat Mormons like that, nor do they treat other non-Christians that way. Would saying that Hindus are not Christians be because of a wish to ostracize them? Would saying that deists who believe Christ was a real person but only human be because of a wish to ostracize them?

Spot on I must say. Wasn’t it like pretty recent (well lets say within 50 years) the LDS church stressed Jesus Christ and being Christain to be more mainstream? I could be wrong but the Book of Mormon dind’t always say Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

I’m not “Why me” but my answer is …Jehovah’s Witnesses do not consider themselves to be Christian. At least, not right now.

So I wouldn’t call them ‘Christians’ because it would insult them. They don’t like it.They are actually making the same mistake Christians who keep wanting to exclude people from the classification make; they assign too many requirements of belief to the word.

However, defining the word ‘Christian’ is exactly like defining the word “American English” in terms of a language tree. It’s not a title of salvation, but a classification of belief system, like "cousin’ is a classification of family members on a family tree. You may not LIKE your cousin. You may disagree with everything he does or says or is—but DNA still makes him your cousin.

I don’t know where else you would put Jehovah’s Witnesses on that belief tree except under “Christian.” since they do believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah, and they use the New Testament with great zeal.

There are many Christian belief systems that have rules and procedures that make others uncomfortable, and that the rest of us don’t like much. It’s probably why the rest of us don’t belong to them.

Good morning why me,

A huge loving Easter greeting back at you and yours !!!:):):):slight_smile:

Peace and God bless

Good morning dianaiad ( Happy Easter :slight_smile: )

Uncomfortable ??? Rules and procedures ??? don’t like much ??

With enormous respect, love, and kindness : Are you " shopping " for a new dress??

Anyway, Happy Easter to you and yours :slight_smile:

Peace and God bless

Actually, as of 2003 there were 44 missions and about 16,000 members in Russia. The Eastern Orthodox church is not happy about it. However, the government doesn’t see much of a problem…in 1997, when all the churches in Russia had to re-register AS churches/‘belief systems’, the CoJCoLDS was approved before the Russian Orthodox church was, according to Rev. Vsevolod Chaplin or the Russian Orthodox Church.

Well lets start with the Trinity,and baptism for dead people and what they believe about God,the Golden Plates,Joseph Smith,the priesthood and the Negro and Smiths teaching about polygamy,Smith’e s about his claim about his heavenly VISION. and all the diffculties the BOM contain,and the fact that Joseph is more important than Jesus Christ … and that the book of Abraham cast serios doubts on the claims of Smith. Thas just a start

Apples and oranges. You cannot eject someone from a fellowship with which they have no association.

Think about it; no Hindu would want to be considered a Christian; they have no wish to be associated with Christian thought. Deists do not. Atheists do not. It is an entirely different situation—except for this; throughout history it has not been considered as bad to conquer, kill, war against or otherwise mistreat the “heathen” as it would have been to do the same to a “Christian” people.

Just look at your history! One of the favorite rallying cries for war and persecution when religion is involved, is “false Christian!” (or “false Muslim!” or “false…whatever!” this is not something that is unique to Christianity).

As well, please look at the discussion groups and places where those people whose beliefs are different from others are discussed. Have you ever, even once, seen someone say that someone is not a Christian–and then not follow that up with some criticism/justification for excluding them? I haven’t. In fact, simply saying ‘they are not Christian’ when the group in question claims to be, is a rejection and a cancellation of membership in a fellowship.

Now me? I’m a Christian. I am not Catholic. I am not Protestant. I am LDS, which is classified as a “Restorationist Christian” belief system. As a Christian, I belong to the Judeo-Christian family of religious belief systems…just as you do. That doesn’t make you Jewish, does it?

Come to think of it, if Mormons are not Christian, what ARE we in the world of belief systems? We are not Muslim, nor Hindu, nor Buddhist, nor agnostic, nor do we fit in with any other family of belief systems. It would make us unique; an entirely different, and new, world religion unassociated with any other.

…a new and unique world religion that, although sharing nothing in common with any other religion, yet celebrates all the holidays of Christianity, worships the Deity claimed by Christianity, believes in the divinity of the Man Christianity believes to be divine…


Finally, consider this: from what I understand, Catholics do not believe in 'once saved, always saved." Therefore you cannot define “Christian” as “he who is saved.” If you decide that “Christian” means “saved,” then you have just abrogated your right to decide who is, or is not, Christian–because only God knows that one. It can only be defined by the one thing that all those who claim to be Christian have in common, and that is the belief in the existence of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and in the teachings of that Man as they believe them to be.

Everything else? (shrug) up for grabs. The second you decide that “Christian” means “he who believes only the truth about Jesus Christ,” then you have just eliminated every mortal from consideration. If you decide that “Christian” means “he who agrees with me,” you are going to have to figure that everybody else has pretty much the same definition, and their definition excludes you.

If you decide that “Christian” is something a little more liberal than 'he who believes the correct thing about Jesus Christ" and go with “he who has the most truth about Jesus Christ,” then again you have just caused yourself a problem, in that this narrows the field to just one denomination, and every denomination that isn’t yours will figure that they are the ‘true’ Christians, and you—are not.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the state of affairs right now, isn’t it?

Finally, you could decide that “Christian” is simply the title for a list of beliefs, a list that (coincidentally…) matches those beliefs that you hold. Of course, most other Christians believe the same thing, with only the items on the list changing. It’s actually another way of saying that “Christian” means “he who has the most truth about Jesus Christ,” because nobody defining “Christian” in this way is going to admit that any of the items on that “true Christian” list could be wrong.


I believe that “Christian” means “he who claims to be Christian and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ as he believes them to be.” That may not make him RIGHT, but it makes him Christian.

One last question for you to think about:

Why should I, who believe different things about Christ than you do and therefore believe that you are incorrect about those things in which we differ, accept that you have the right to tell me that I am not Christian? Why on earth do you expect me to accept it?

For some people, the discussion would go “I am Christian and you are not…” and the other guy would say “No, I am the Christian and YOU aren’t…”

I say that you might think you can deny me the use of the word to describe my belief system and me…but you don’t have that right. I’m LDS. You are Catholic. We disagree on many things, and agree on others–and we have far more in common with each other than either one of us has with Hindus or Buddhists or Muslims. We are both Christian. We both have a great deal of the truth about God and His Son. We both love Christ and worship God…and we both are celebrating His resurrection today.

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