Easter miracle in Columbus, Nebraska!


We were driving home to Minnesota from California this weekend. We stopped to see my family who have been estranged ever since I left Mormonism. They live in Vegas and in Orem, UT.

From Orem, we drove straight through thinking that we would just miss Mass for the first Easter ever... God had other plans. LOL

This morning we lost ALL the lugnuts on one of the trailer tires. The wheel miraculously stayed on. The auto parts store that we limped to didn't open until 9am, and we were able to go to Mass here in Columbus, Nebraska in a beautiful old church called St. Bonaventure. Driving all night and not having showers, lugging our dirt bikes in a broken trailer. We met Jesus in the Eucharist this glorious morning and thanks be to God!!! We got lug nuts and now we're headed home.

I just LOVE how God works! :thumbsup:

Happy Easter everyone! HE IS RISEN!!!!!!


I love how you see God's hand in this. Awesome! Happy Easter!


My own religious conversion started at the Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, Nebraska, so I can personally attest to the miraculous power of the Cornhusker State.

Congratulations on your safe journey! St. Christopher was working overtime with you.


Bless you and keep you safe in your travels from a long-time Nebraskan. I am glad you shared Easter with us in our fine state.


God is great, isn't He? Glad to hear you all made it through safely :)


God Bless you! So happy to hear you enjoyed Nebraska!!


Wonderful story! Happy Easter!


Great story!
Makes me want to visit Nebraska.


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