Easter Movies?

anyone know if there are any Easter/Christian movies being shown on tv this weekend?

I would love to watch Jesus of Nazareth but all I could find was the last part on tomorrow for one hour

(on TBN)

I used to love watching the religious movie marathons every Easter but I guess that doesnt happen anymore



They’re not as popular, and hate to say, people who want to see 'em usually get DVDs. Here in Oz it’s disgusting - not only are they NOT showing the good old movies that I remember growing up with, they’re showing back to back Rugby matches - on Good Friday AND Easter Sunday! :mad: :mad: Surely the players (and the spectators) should be spending some time at home with their families if nothing else.

If you’ve got EWTN they should have something, or any other Christian TV channel - maybe not a marathon, sadly.

Turner Classic Movies is going to have:

Solomon And Sheba
The King of Kings

:thumbsup: thanks!

Lily i hope you get that network where you are.

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