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Hi all,

I’ve been sitting here for two hours trying to come up with a hymn for my choir to sing for Easter during the Preparation of the Altar. I have a processional (Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise), a communion hymn, (Festival Canticle) and a recessional (All You on Earth) but I can’t really find a choral hymn that I like.

The choir I work with is about 15 people and we usually do SB music when we sing something on our own. Also, I have two instrumentalists that will be playing flute and guitar. Anyone have any suggestions?


How about O Sons and Daughters?

That is a possibility…although I think the choir director may have a problem with it…she likes Easter hymns to be very HAPPY…and I think that will be too minor for her…

However, O Sons and Daughters gives us the whole Easter story, from the morning of the Resurrection to the week after when St. Thomas made his profession.

Now, you could actually put Jesus Christ is Risen Today as the entrance. That is really joyful. At the Lamb’s High Feast is also an excellent choice. Now the Green Blade Rises would also make a fine recessional.

Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

My church uses a hymn that is actually pretty old, and we have used it for the Offertory on Easter for quite a while:

  1. Christ is risen from the dead! Risen as he truly said;
    Praise the Lord, with grateful voice - Bless his name, rejoice! Rejoice!

Resurrexit, sicut dixit, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

  1. Angels clad in snowy white,
    Coming from the realms of light;
    Bid us sing with grateful voice - bid us all - rejoice! Rejoice! (sing refrain)
  1. Man was but a slave before, Man is free forevermore;
    Heav’n and earth, with grateful voice;
    Bid us all, rejoice! Rejoice! (sing refrain)

Again, it’s really old, so it might be hard to find the music for it, but this is a start.

Another I can think of is “Come, Christians, Join to Sing” it’s not too long and it speaks beautifully of the Resurrection and our joy of the Resurrection.

This seems to be a reworking of the Regina Caeli, since the Latin part is taken from it. Regina Caeli is also another great Easter hymn. It is almost always the recessional during the Papal Masses for Easter.

My favorite is The Strife is Ore’ the Battle Done. I love the melody and the words say it all.

It starts out with the refrain Alleluia!

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


How about the Dawn Was Purpling Or’e The Sky. It’s an old St. Basil Hymn but very appropriate. If you want to see the music just let me know.

The dawn was purpling or’e the sky
With Alleluia’s rang the air
Earth held a glorious jubilee
Hell gnashed it’s teeth in fierce despair

When our most valiant mighty king
From deaths abyss in dread array
Led the long imprisoned fathers forth
Into the beam of life and day.

It may be a little long, but why not sing a shorter setting of the Te Deum: English or Latin? It is the central hymn of thanksgiving in the Church, and Easter is a day of sheer joy. This anthem of the holy Church acknowledges God as the risen saviour of all time. Let your parish rejoice in His great victory over evil by the Te Deum. :slight_smile:

Why not sing the proper offertory antiphon? If the Latin text from the Graduale proves too much, the settings from the Simple English Propers are very reverent and always appropriate.

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