Easter obligation & a funeral

Hello, i am going to a funeral that will take place on Easter Sunday, will this fullfill my obligation to go mass for the Easter Vigil? Its in the morning.

There is going to be a Catholic funeral Mass on Easter?

As far i know i think its Sunday but it could be Monday, i am unsure as of yet. It may only be a funeral rite not a mass. I guess that answers my question , i will go to mass on Saturday night or on Sunday after the funeral rite. Thanks :slight_smile:

Catholics do not hold funeral Masses on Easter Sunday or any other Sunday. I am sure you have misunderstood the times.

Yes i probably have misunderstood, but i didn’t know that about Sunday, thanks for enlightening me. God bless.


To my knowledge, no particular person has an *obligation *to go the Easter Vigil (but we are obligated to assist at Mass either on Easter day or the preceding evening).


It’s highly irregular to have a funeral on a Sunday at all, much less Easter Sunday! :eek:

Either it’s another denomination, or a wake in some other church, or you have the dates mixed up.
Peace to you.

Well thanks for all the info. I was mistaken, the Catholic funeral was held on Easter Sunday, except there was no funeral mass because we had Easter mass which was great, there was a short funeral rite in the afternoon. The priest said it is a privilege for any Catholic to be laid to rest on Easter Sunday.

It’s not permitted to have a funeral Mass on Easter. You can have a funeral rite outside of Mass.

ANY Mass fulfills the holy day of obligation, including funerals and weddings.

It would be more accurate to say Catholics rarely hold funeral masses on Sunday.

The only example I know of offhand was the Mass of Repose for John Paul II.

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