Easter Poll - date the Cross

It’s getting near Easter! We celebrate the cross and resurrection because it was the apex of human history. We agree that the earth-shattering sacrifice on Calvary was the fulfillment of that which was written.

Why is it then that there isn’t unanimous agreement about the date of the crucifixion? Experts differ from approximately AD 27 to AD 36 as to when it happened and followers say it doesn’t matter much anyway. It does matter. It is the center point of prophecy! Entire prophetic systems stand or fall on correct timing as it concerns the chronology of the cross.

So when? Exactly when was it?

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Jesus was crucified 3 April 33

Jesus was born midnight at the start of Sunday, November 25 (Kislev 5) in 15 B.C.

Jesus was crucified Friday, April 7 (Nisan 14) in A.D. 19.

He rose from the dead Sunday, April 9.

If when the crucifixion happened is indeterminate, then that implies it is improper to erect prophetic systems at all. After all they are products of human ingenuity, of human invention. Examples of man-made traditions.

Was it improper for Hippolytus of Rome to write a book about it? (200 AD)

What good did it do?

I’m a bit suspicious of all the ‘3s’ being used - a highly symbolic number in the world’s belief systems. That he was 33 is a bit dubious as well since it’s just repeating the ‘3’.

Not entirely convinced that an exact year can ever be determined as we don’t know how old he was when the event took place; but even if we did, it wouldn’t do much good as neither do we have an exact birth year.

Supposedly Pilate was prefect Judaea from 26-36 AD, so it would have had to have been in that ten year time span.

The only preparation Fridays of Passover during these years were AD 30 & AD 33. There were 3 Passovers in the time of Jesus’ public life, so that would seem to push it to AD 33, when considering the time of Tiberius.

I consider that Jimmy Akin, linked above, is both more intelligent than I and most likely better at explaining this.

The reason there is not a unanimous agreement is because there isn’t unanimous agreement on when Christ was born, what certain terminology means in regards to dates, etc…
The reason it doesn’t matter is because we (people alive today) don’t need to know the exact day, or even year, that Christ was crucified in order for it to be true or prophetic.

You will get lots of opinions but nobody knows the date Jesus was born nor the date Jesus died and** frankly it does not matter**.

Actually I will go with Cyberseeker on this one thistle. The date Jesus died may not matter in the grand scheme of things, but there is a theological significance to it.

Why? The only thing that matters is that Jesus came to us, died on the cross for us, rose from the dead and gave us the chance to be saved. Exact dates are not relevant. The dates have absolutely no impact on my faith or salvation.

Like I said there is a theological significance. One reason why people chose the 30 A.D. Date is because it is 40 years before the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.

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