Easter Season Finds a Religious, Largely Christian, Nation [Gallup]

PRINCETON, NJ – America’s churches will be much fuller than usual this weekend as Christians celebrate Easter, one of the two times a year when church attendance in the United States is traditionally at its highest.
Research Gallup has conducted in past years has shown that anywhere between 62% and 64% of Americans say they plan to attend church on Easter.
That can be contrasted with the more typical attendance patterns by which about 4 out of 10 Americans tell Gallup interviewers that they either attended church within the last seven days, or that they attend at least once a week or almost every week.


Makes sense to me. If you take the totals of the “Once a months” (55%), and throw in some of the “Seldoms,” then you easily reach 62-64%.

Well I will believe that this country is largely Christian when the stores close on Easter, and we are all given the option to go our religious services no matter where we work with no hassle.

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