Easter Story Playset

When I was a child my grandma had some cardstock dolls that she would put out on the sideboard during our Easter celebration. They were the different characters in the Easter story, I think. Or maybe they were the Stations? There was a kneeling, crying woman that I had always assumed was Mary. I remember some Roman soldiers. I feel like there were some sheep in there too. Anyway, despite the fact that I have only a very vague memory of this set, I have decided that I’d like to have something for my kids similar to it. Sort of like the plastic Nativity they have, but for Easter. Unfortunately, Little People seem to be limited to the Nativity and the Ark and I haven’t found a playset on Amazon. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to get such a set? The pieces don’t have to be cardboard. Wooden or plastic would probably be better with my little hoodlums.


There are several on Etsy. I saw a felt one that included Good Friday, and a paper one that you could download, print, cut out and assemble. Just search “Easter story”.

This isn’t all about Easter, but it is regarding a priest saying mass. If the kids like legos, the “Father Leopold Celebrates Mass” makes a great gift. I’ve gifted 2 for First Communions.

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