Easter t.v guide

Hello all, here in the u.k over the easter weekend there does not seem to be any t.v programmes about christ being shown at all, i think it is a terrible shame, is it the same in your part of the world or is it just the u.k that has forgotton the meaning of easter ?

Nope - here in Oz there are two movies on public tv and maybe an extra three or four documentaries on the two government-run channels. All but one of these is scheduled during the morning or very late at night - ie where there’s least chance of anyone actually watching.

Otherwise it’s weekend sport as usual. :frowning:

Having said that, movies in general aren’t shown that often.

On the sensible reasoning that people usually have all the movies they want on DVD or VCR anyways, and so don’t usually rely on broadcast television for them. Guess they have a point there.

Fox News Network is touting a program on the Passion this weekend. I do not remember which day or the time. Usually they repeat programs like this on the next day i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

New Zealand is the same, they are giving us Legally Blond I & II. Stuff like that.

That would be “The Passion: Facts, Fiction and Faith”. I wonder if the good Fr. O’Brien will be on?

The History Channel is celebrating Easter by presenting us with “Banned from the Bible”. You don’t even have to watch it, you know it’s going to be Elaine Pagels and the DaVinci Code Fan Club explaining how the evil, unenlightened, misogynist Church Fathers repressed all the good stuff.

History Channel really does seem to have an anti-Christian slant to it. I found that out recently.

BUT, they ARE showing “Greatest Story Ever Told” right now. Also showing a 4 part series “Jesus of Nazareth” tomorrow.

Then there’s the eternal standard, “The Ten Commandments” on tonight. Last year, they pre-empted it for a NEW 10 C’s miniseries. It may have been OK, but you don’t mess with the classics.

Yes, what a surprise that was! Eight hours total running time, it is Franco Zeffirelli’s 1977 mini-series. But it is over by prime time… I guess they save their “good stuff” for then. :frowning:

During prime time, Turner Classic Movies will air King of Kings, which I believe is a 1961 film.

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