Easter Vigil Mass time

I’m just interested to see what time is your parish Easter Vigil mass.
Mine is 7pm which I find is extremely inconvenient. Just when are you supposed to have dinner? Before or after???

I would say before unless you want a late meal!

Ours is at 8:30pm, and he had considered making it later as it’s not long got dark by then

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8:30 at my parish, although I’m visiting my grandfather for the weekend and I think the one at his church is later than that.

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Oh I wish the Mass is at 830! That would be perfect time for me!

It must be after night fall. The Church is very clear on that. Sunset will obviously vary depending where you are in the world. In these parts, at this time of year, it would be much too bright at 7 pm to start the Vigil. Ours is at 9 pm.

In regards to dinner, you’re certainly free to have dinner before hand, but it is worth mentioning that there is a traditional practice of continuing the Lenten / Good Friday fast through Holy Saturday until after the Vigil Mass.


In my diocese it is always a long drawn affair so we have to be prepared to spend all evening in the cathedral. The bonfire for the celebration of the light, the readings, the blessing and the baptism (the organizers have become more and more creative), and the mass - usually about four hours. The cathedral would be packed, so people would come earlier to get good seats, otherwise it would be outside the building where they have to make do with huge TV screens. There is the feastive air but frankly it can be very tiring.

8.30 at my church, 9.30 at another local church. We won’t have a particularly long Vigil service as we don’t run RCIA in my parish.

Oh the wisdom of the traditional liturgy.

The Easter Vigil was never a nighttime service. it was a vesperal service.

It started after the hour of None. It ended with a shortened Vespers.

In the late Middle Ages, it would have started around 4pm and lasted until 8 or so, and then you had the Pascal Matins and Lauds as the nighttime service a few hours later.

The Bugnini changes of 1955 got it wrong in terms of “restoration”.

The irony being, a Vigil starting at 4 could be packed with people. Neither 9pm nor the 1962 Midnight Mass (a complete historical anomaly for Easter) is nearly as popular.

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At 7pm at my parish I think it won’t be completely dark yet.

7:00 here. We are early people in the frozen north, and it is already pretty dark by then.
I eat dinner early, and will be done by about 6:15, anticipating the hour fast prior to communion.

8 o’clock here

Got sources on this? I’m curios now and want to read

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8:00 PM EDST in my parish

i haven’t been to the Easter vigil Mass in years; i am not into 2 hour liturgies in a jam-packed church…

Ours is scheduled for 9 p.m., just about right for total darkness.


Its at 8:30 p.m. here, past the majority of people’s bed times around here.

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The Easter Vigil starts in my parish at 8pm. I have to be there at 7:15 because I am a candidate in RCIA and will be received into the Church.


Right. Because it’s all about you.



nightfall. Which means it happens at a different time depending on where you live.
People’s supper is not really a consideration with Liturgy.
9 PM here. Which gives one plenty of time to eat.

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