Easter Vigil Roll Call for 2010

I am, and I can hardly wait! Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, being in complete fellowship with Christ’s Church will empower us, prepare us, and assist us in carrying Christ’s message to the world!!!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY I can hardly wait!!!

ME TOO! I know exactly how you feel…yay!:thumbsup:


It will be fun to keep count on how many we get! :smiley:

Count me in!:smiley:

:extrahappy: I was baptised last Easter and I can tell you that it was the single best day of my entire life. The whole experience was and has been incredible. I cried like a baby! I am so happy to see my brothers and sisters in Christ find their way to this beautiful faith. I can also tell you that there was a day when I said that it would NEVER happen and look now! Im still a baby in this religion but am so happy to learn and grow every day. Enjoy yourselves!


I’m so looking forward to it!

I won’t be baptised (that happened when I was an infant), but I will be confirmed into the Church this Easter Vigil! I fully expect to bawl like a baby the entire time, but I can’t wait!:thumbsup:


I can’t wait either. Last night was our Rite of Sending and Rite of Election. It’s hard to believe that we’re only a few weeks away!


Ooh I am, Count me in! I’m actually going to have my Rite of Sending & Rite of Election today and I’m super excited for that too, i finally get to meet my Bishop and see inside the Cathedral. I’m so excited for all us!


[SIGN]Thanks be to God![/SIGN]

I am! I also found out at our Rite of Election that there are over 1,040 candidates and catechumens in the Diocese of Austin! Holy cow! God is great! :extrahappy:

Welcome home all of you. My husbank converted in 2002 and last year I sponsered a woman. i’m not participating this year, but I love the Easter Vigil.

I DO!!!

Well not at the Vigil on Saturday but on Easter Sunday as i am the only one from my parish and the rest are from the parish down the road.

Since i was from COS im being confirmed and communed - im taking it the service will be diffrent as its on Easter Sunday and not at the vigil?

I am and I can’t wait. It’s a good thing Father is keeping us busy the next fiew weeks. It will help the time go by fast!:slight_smile:

I am already baptised, but I will be confirmed into the Church this Easter Vigil :slight_smile: I am excited and nervous and excited again :smiley:

I will be baptised this Easter vigil. i am so excited and know I will cry!!

I’m already baptised as well, but will be confirmed at the Easter Vigil. :smiley:

I’ve been baptized in a Protestant denomination. I’m in RCIA and will be confirmed at the Easter Vigil.

I was baptized previously as well, but the minister of the church at the time would be impossible to track down. So, because there was no way to verify that it had been validly done, I received a conditional baptism recently, maybe last month.

We had off RCIA last week for first confession. Wow, what a nervewracking and amazing experience! :slight_smile: Now, just a few more weeks to go until Easter Vigil!


I’m a convert from atheism. I will be baptized this Easter, too. :thumbsup:


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