Easter Vigil vs. Easter Sunday


Hi everyone!

I was just curious on what you prefer, and why!

I have always gone to Easter Sunday Mass, but this year my little brothers are serving at the Easter Vigil so we are going to that Mass. I am actually really looking forward to it! I know it is going to be absolutely beautiful! :smiley:

Have a great day!


Easter Vigil: I absolutely love the candles and how special the night is. I also love seeing the baptisms, etc.

I also prefer it because I don’t have to get up early on Easter morning!:blush:


I love the Easter Vigil - the Exsultet, the Gloria, the journey through Salvation History in the readings, the Litany of the Saints. Its just beautiful.


The Easter Vigils that I have attended have been absolutely beautiful. And going to Mass Easter morning is equally edifying.


I love the Vigil! I love the readings, the Psalms, and everything else about it. We don’t usually have baptisms, though. Only once in the last 16 years.

But I’ve often gone to both the Vigil AND the Easter morning Mass. I’m a reader and I’ll volunteer to read at whichever Mass I’m needed.


I must say Easter Vigil will always be special to me as I was received into the church last year on Easter vigil. However I also enjoy Easter Sunday Mass.


Both and for different reasons.
Easter Vigil is exhilarating for me.
Easter Sunday is joyous.
Hard to explain the difference in what I feel but that’s the best I can explain it.
I go to both.


Easter vigil. I love all extra parts if the mass and really enjoy the beauty of it all.


Easter Vigil.
A time for remembering our heritage and giving thanks to the Almighty for our salvation in Jesus Christ.
The most glorious Mass of the year.
So blessed to be a part of it each year.


I have done the EV every year in the last 20 except Y2K.

God willing, I’ll do it again this year!! :slight_smile:



The atmosphere at the Easter Vigil is beautiful to me.


I love both but the Vigil is especially beautiful, this year will be my 2nd ( I was baptized, confirmed and received First Holy Communion last year). This year will be an especial blessing as well, my brother is being received into the Church (baptism,confirmation and Eucharist).
Hearing how the LORD God brought us from death to life, from darkness into the Light of Christ through the Sacred Scriptures (the plan of Salvation through history) during the Liturgy of the Word is truly awe-inspiring. I was brought to tears during the Gloria and the Litany of the Saints.


Prefer Easter Sunday but that it because I have only attended one Easter Vigil.

I found the Easter vigil difficult because the Church is almost pitch black except for a few candles. We are not blessed with our readers, so the missal is essential and without light, we sit silent, neither hearing or understanding the readings or the Psalm response. I plan to use a mini torch this year.


They do that at our parish too, but if they followed the rubrics the lights would come on right after the Exsultet! and we wouldn’t have to listen to the readings in the dark.


Is the Easter Vigil joyful or solemn?


can I say both lol

but in all seriousness If I had to choose Easter Vigil, it is the highest Mass of the entire liturgy of the Church.

but this Easter i’m serving both the vigil and the Sunday Mass.


The Easter Vigil is such a beautiful mass, I love to attend it.

Also, the timing is a little more convenient so that you have Easter Sunday morning free to be with family! :slight_smile:


both and but mostly joyful. It’s Easter the most joyful day in the Christian year.

Jesus is risen how can you not be joyful in that celebration.


I can see why Easter is joyful. :slight_smile: I just didn’t know if the Vigil was more of a celebratory Mass or a sorrowful Mass.


I must be the only person on the planet who does not like the Easter Vigil. :o I have attended Easter Vigils in at least ten OF parishes in two countries, so I know I’ve given it a fair shot. I have trouble believing it’s a problem at the parochial level because I’ve attended this Mass in so many different places and didn’t like any of them. So it must be me. I just don’t like it. :blush:

My current priest doesn’t understand this at all, underscoring the idea that I’m the problem. To him (and to most other people I’ve met), the Easter Vigil is the most beautiful Mass of the year.

The only reason I would attend the Easter Vigil now is if I’m serving it, and I do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

That said, I would be willing to try the Easter Vigil in the EF.

In my current parish, it’s mostly solemn.

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