Easter Vigil

Does a 4pm mass on Saturday count as an Easter Vigil?

My understanding is that the Easter Vigil cannot begin before dark, which around here is considered 8PM. I did not think that Catholic churches normally had any Masses on the Saturday before the Easter Vigil itself.

Yes, and I think they mainly do it for the children. But, some churches start at 9pm so I just want to make sure the 4pm would count.

Not all the churches here start at 4pm, but one church that I want to go to does

I would double check with your parish that there is actually a Mass that early. The Easter Vigil is supposed to begin after dark.

I’ve checked online for the mass schedules and previous years there has been the 4pm mass, as I’ve been to it. But, I didn’t realize it had to begin after dark

This isn’t meant to be overkill, but I find this kind of thing interesting.

From the USCCB:

The Vigil, by its very nature, “ought to take place at night” (EV, no. 3). It is not begun before nightfall and should end before daybreak on Easter Sunday. The celebration of the Easter Vigil takes the place of the Office of Readings (EV, no. 5).

The “EV” referred to is Missale Romanum, “Rubrics for the Easter Vigil.”

At our parish…ALL liturgies are tabled EXCEPT for the Easter Vigil which begins at dark. We guesstimate the time according to sundown predictions for the week.

Most of the children go to Easter Sunday morning Masses.
There should have been something posted in the bulletin…

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