Eastern Catholic canon of the Bible


Do eastern Catholics use the same canon as the Roman Latin Catholics or does it correspond to the Orthodox canon?


Looking at the Ukrainian Catechism (http://catechism.royaldoors.net/catechism/), page 23, it looks like they accept the same canon as other Catholics, only splitting Letter of Jeremiah off of Book of Baruch.


Eastern theology just isn’t as worried about the canon as western . . .

I’ve always assumed that the EC churches that were formed by Rome to accept EO use the corresponding EO canon but have never been interested enough to check.

The churches that transitioned as a whole (Melkite, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, and a couple more) would have kept their canon. AFAIK, for all of these it is the same as the latin



I’ve met some Eastern Catholics online and my meeting them seems to suggest they follow their Eastern/Oriental counterpart’s canon. Although it’s not always the case though.


As was mention earlier the west seems to be more worried about the canon of Scripture. I assume this has to do with the assault by protestants and the “7 extra books” that Roman Catholics have.

I’m Byzantine Catholic and use the Orthodox study Bible.



I’m Ukrainian Greek Catholic and use the Douay-Rheims Bible. :wink:


The Orthodox canon is the largest, so you can’t go wrong there.

But we are splitting hairs here, a bit, there is just a tiny amount of additional information in the Orthodox canon over the Roman.

I once asked a Greek priest why a particular version was read from at Divine Liturgy, and he simply said, “because it’s the one that fits in the Evangelary Cover!”

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