Eastern Catholic Monasteries

Is there a listing somewhere of Eastern Rite Catholic monasteries in the United States that identifies locations and existing websites?

I know there are several, but I don’t know about a website listing them.

Two that immediately come to mind are Holy Resurrection Monastery and its dependency, Holy Theophany Monastery for women. You can find them at


Besides HRM and its dependent women’s skete (Romanian Greek Catholic), the UGCC has three monasteries in the US (California, Michigan, and Washington, D.C.) and the Melkites one in Pennsylvania. Besides this there are several “paramonastic” communities such as the Basilians and Redemptorists. There is also a new Skete in the Eparchy of Edmonton (Canada-UGCC).

Thanks for your responses.

There is also Holy Trinity Monastery in Butler, PA.

It’s a Byzantine Benedictine priory, and a dependency of St. Vincent’s Archabbey in near by Latrobe.

There is also Holy Annunciation Byzantine Carmelite community in Sugarloaf, PA

Our Lady of Mariapoc Basilian Monastery in Burton, OH

Mt. St. Macrina, Motherhouse for the Sisters of St. Basil, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Province in Uniontown, PA

also Holy Dormition Byzantine Franciscans in Sybertsville,PA

Hope this helps…

Holy Trinity is now an Eparchial Monastery. It is no longer a dependency of St. Vincent’s or member of the Benedictine Confederation having disassociated a few years back because they no longer had the numbers required by the OSB rule and would have had to close and join another monastery.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
There is a new Monastery in Burton OH called Christ the Bridegroom Monastery.
17485 Mumford Road, Burton OH 454021 (440)834-0290 Christ the bridegroom.blogspot.com
You can check it out at www.easternchristianmedia.com It’s in it beginning stage now.

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**Please visit this site.

It records positive interactions with Orthodox nuns in the USA.

Please pray that two more bricks have been torn from the wall of separation!**

Holy Resurrection’s site is hrmonline.org/ and their convent of nuns at Holy Theophany can be found at hrmonline.org/HTM
Holy Transfiguration Skete: societystjohn.com/index.php
Holy Transfiguration Monastery: byzcath.org/monastery/index.htm
While a website has not yet been set up, the first newsletter of Holy Cross Skete in Alberta can be found here: edmontoneparchy.com/News/10%20Oct%202009%20Bulletin%20-%20Holy%20Cross%20Skete.pdf
Holy Cross Monastery in Washington, D.C.: rumkatkilise.org/stmhc.htm

Holy Resurrection Monastery and Holy Theophany are Romanian Greek Catholic; the remainder are Ukrainian Greek Catholic.

The newer Our Lady of Solitude monastery of the Melkites has a website now as well:

This is accurate.

Contact **St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood **(website)


Write to:
St Herman Press
10 Beegum Gorge Road
P.O. Box 70, Dept. ORF
California 96076

Within the Orthodox Church for a number of years there has been a movement acculturating language, enabling one to attend Liturgical Services in one’s own language:thumbsup:

Fr Seraphin Rose, an American now deceased was one of its luminaries, and has translated many books, and written many commentaries. There is even a work of the Gospels in English with commentaries by the Orthodox Church Fathers:thumbsup:

There is a also available in print a biography of Fr Seraphin.

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