Eastern catholic/orthodox books on marriage/marital love and sexuality


…any suggestions? Nothing for morallye ducating young adults before marriage, rather for already married couples. Thanks in advance!


Is EO nessecary?

Here’s one from a Latin perspective…



Not necessary, of course - I am thankful for all the beautiful latin links and thoughts I recieved here in the past :smiley:I asked for EO because I´m orthodox myself and I´m a bit more familiar with the eastern traditions. I noticed that sometimes the latin books on moral issues tend to be a bit more focused on analyzing the type of sins to give a path to go, I experienced that I work better with a philosophic hint. But these are only traditions of thought, not a general rule, and maybe I´ve simply read the wrong books :smiley:
To add: the person I have in mind with the book suggestion is rather EO friendly and latin-prejudiced (but not in chruch at all). I thought it would be easier to go with a tradition that the person sees as positive. Not my view, no offense :wink:


St. John Chrysostom’s On Marriage and Family Life

Fr. John Meyendorff’s Marriage: An Orthodox Perspective

And Paul Evdokimov’s Sacrament of Love

Those are the classics and possibly the best place to start. Bear in mind that the second two are Eastern/Byzantine Orthodox in perspective. The Syriac/Oriental perspective may be somewhat differently nuanced.

I’d honestly also recommend John Paul II’s Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body. Although written by a Roman Catholic pope, the book itself has much in it that most Eastern Christians would claim as their own perspective.


Much to complicated for anyone that hasn’t a reasonably active interest in theology. I find this book difficult and I have read a fair share of Catholic literature.


This is fortunately unproblematic, we both have some semesters theology beside our history studies behind us. I also thougt on the theology of the body, I was just feared the catholic background would unnecessarily close some doors - but I remember it as a great lecture. If it´s too theologic for a person who don´t believes I can´t say at the moment. The “less theological” books have in my eyes often the problem to focus too plain and simple on “it´s bad, don´t do it mate” :wink:
In general, I would rather go for more theoretic ones if they are psychologically well explained even for an “outsider”.


Hallo, @alice24 wie ihr zwei schon Theology studiert haben würde ich zweifellos “Liebe un Verantwortlichkeit” von Karol Wojtyla empfehlen. Das Buch ist reine Philosphie fast ohne Theologie. Erste Seiten sind ein bischen teoretish (typisch Philosphie), aber danach man das durchmacht ist es reine Liebe, Sexualitat, und Ehe. Ich habe versucht das Buch kostenlos auf Deutsch an der Internet zu finden aber kein Glück daran gehabt. Auf English ist es leicht zu finden -da können Sie sehen ob Sie es mögen- versuchen Sie erst ein par Kapitel von den Mittelteil zu lessen. Ich denke erlich das ist genau was ihr sucht :slight_smile:


Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Empfehlung! Das sieht sehr vielversprechend aus. Auf Amazon gibt es mittlerweile auch die deutsche Version und eine englische für den Ebook reader. Ich denke, das es eine sehr gute Ergänzung ist, ich hatte immer den Eindruck, das Johannes Paul II sehr differenziert und feinsinnig schreibt, nur über dieses Buch wusste ich nichts. Danke :slight_smile:

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