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Hello I’m a Latin catholic and I wish to recite daily prayers according to the eastern catholic way of prayer, while being a Latin catholic. Is it possible?
I live in Srilanka, and there are no EC churches here. Please help me

The daily prayers are called the Divine Office.

Vespers, Compline, Midnight Office
Matins (Orthoros), First Hour, Third Hour, Sixth Hour, Ninth Hour


I’m Syro-Malabar Catholic (from the US Eparchy of Chicago). But unfortunately we are heavily Latinized. The common prayers taught to the laity are all from the Latin tradition - the angelus, rosary, litany of loreto, and the divine chaplet of mercy- this is our basic “family prayer”. we are going through delatinizations, but some in the church prefer to be latinized.

Our equivalent to the vespers is the “Ramsha” (evening prayer). The pro-Syriac eparchies recite it. the church begins her liturgical day with Ramsha in the evening. followed by Lelya (night), Sapra (morning), and Endana (afternoon). technically the East Syriac tradition has 7 times of prayer but I’ve listed the most common ones usually said.

attached is the beginning of the Ramsha in English.

Glory to God in the highest (3x)- is a common hymn/praise of the East Syriac tradition. It’s at the beginning of the Qurbana (Mass) as well. The three "holy"s in the Our Father is from Revelations 4:8


Since the Eastern Catholic Churches and traditions are every bit as Catholic as the Latin tradition, then all Catholics are welcome to incorporate elements of Eastern Catholic devotion into their prayer life. A case in point: Many Roman Catholics today have found the Jesus Prayer to be a great source of nourishment in their relationship with the Lord. Others love to pray the Akathist to the Theotokos or Paraklesis.

As a personal recommendation, I’d say start with the Jesus Prayer and spend a couple of years with it, then start incorporating some of the other devotions into your prayer life.


Here’s the original Byzantine Book of Prayer online:

If you want to buy the book, the original edition (1976) and the 2nd edition (1995) are available too.


I second the Jesus Prayer. Perhaps the Akathist (Marian devotion). But the “best” method of prayer for obtaining the spirituality of the East is to pray their Divine Office. Especially since you don’t have any Eastern Catholic parishes near you. This will allow you to participate in the life of the Eastern Church.

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