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I am a Roman intrigued with Eastern Catholicism. I have begun attending a Melkite church near me and I am wondering if there are some good eastern Catholic books to read. Both history of the eastern Catholics and spiritual texts. I tried starting the first book of the Philokalia but I was told it was intended for monks and ascetics and it should only be read if you are one or under the direction of an elder, which I dont have. Heh

Some better beginner books:

101 Questions and Answers on Eastern Catholic Churches by Deacon Edward Faulk

A Guide for the Domestic Church

Light For Life
Part One: The Mystery Believed
Part Two: The Mystery Celebrated
Part Three: The Mystery Lived

The Eyes Of The Gospel: Introduction To The Spirituality Of The Eastern Church by Archbishop Joseph Raya

Byzantine Church and Culture by Archbishop Joseph Raya

For that matter, *anything *by Archbishop Joseph Raya :slight_smile:

The Liturgy of the Hours in East and West - by Fr. Robert Taft (I haven’t read this one but was recommended it.)

Are We All Schismatics? (Or, We Are All Scismatics) by Archbishop Elias Zoghby

A Voice From the Byzantine East by Archbishop Elias Zoghby

Saint Basil the Great by Archbishop Joseph Tawil

American Eastern Catholics by Fred Saato

Interesting that you were discouraged from reading the Philokalia. Perhaps it would be more appropriate once you get a more Eastern mindset…:wink:

Prayers and Petitions,


You would probably like:

The Way of a Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way

I would say this is intermediate reading and should also be undertaken with a priest’s, confessor’s, or spiritual director’s consent. I would recommend starting out with the teaching books before moving into the application books.


If you are planning on implementing in your own life the teachings of this book - absolutely.

I have this book. It’s very good.

Which is that?

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