Eastern Catholicism Catechism

Is there a Eastern Catholic or individual rite Catechism? I am interested in learning more about the east.

Christ our Pascha for the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

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Christ Our Pascha is excellent, but could only be considered a Byzantine catechism. If you want a more Baltimore-style catechism, then you can do a google search for the catechism of Peter Moghyla.

You’d be hard pressed to find similar style catechisms for the other Eastern Churches. Catechisms as we know them today are rather foreign to the Eastern traditions. We’d typically tell you to grab our liturgical books and read them alongside the Scriptures and early Church Fathers.


This looks amazing! I have bookmarked it and hope to spend more time with it later. I am Latin Rite but am deeply respectful of our Eastern traditions.


There are a few. The English version of the Ukrainian Catholic Catechism is entitled:

Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church: Christ – Our Pascha, (2016) ISBN 978-0-9809309-2-4

And there is a series from God With Us Publications:

Light for Life: Part One: The Mystery Believed, ISBN 1-887158-07-3, (1994)
Light for Life: Part Two: The Mystery Celebrated, ISBN 1-887158-09-X, (1996)
Light for Life: Part Three: The Mystery Lived, ISBN 1-887158-12-X, ( 2001)


I forgot about the Light for Life series. Thanks for posting it. It’s also an excellent series.

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Here is a great resource:


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I have Christ Our Pascha in book form & on my smartphone :heart::heart:

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I have all three volumes. :wink:

Do you think that it’s legal to print off the PDF?

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