Eastern Churches?

Can someone please provide a list of distinct Eastern Churches?

Eastern Orthodox
Oriental Orthodox
Assyrian Church of the East




What are you looking for, ie what is the reason you ask this question?

These are the main groups that are Apostolic as recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. There are many other various groups but they are viewed as schismatic Churches, similar to the sedevacantists, Old Catholics, PNCC, Chinese Patriotic Church Association, etc.

Maronite Catholic

That’s pretty much it.

The Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches can be further divided into diferent jurisdictions, known as Authocephalous Churches, for example from the EO you might have heard of the Greek Orhodox or Russian Orthodox Churches and from the OO there’s the Coptic Orthodox among others.

Church of the East as far as I know is all under one hierarchy.

Eastern Churches…

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I. Ancient (Assyrian) Church of the East (includes Chaldean Syrian Church Kerala)

II. Oriental Orthodox Churches

   1 Armenian                        Celicia, Constantinople, Jerusalem, absorbed Caucasian Albanian
   2 Coptic                          Alexandria, British, French
   3 Ethiopian Tweahedo
   4 Eritrean Tweahedo
   5 Syriac                          Antioch
   6 Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church India

III. Jacobite Syrian Christian Church India

IV. Orthodox Churches

   1 Constantinople                27: Finland (1), Estonia (0)  Ukrainian Canada (2), Ukrainian USA (2), N. Am. Belarussian (0),  W.  Europe Russian Exarch (0), Am. Albanian (0), Am. Carpatho-Russian(0)

2 Poland 7
3 Albania 3
4 Czech, Slovakia 2
5 Greece 74
6 Bulgaria 9
7 Georgia 26
8 Serbia 13
9 Cyprus 9
10 Russia 36: Japan (0), America (10), China (0)
11 Romania 6
12 Jerusalem 16: Sinai (0)
13 Alexandria 15
14 Antioch 26

IV. Others

Old Believers
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate
Ukrainian Autocephalous Church
The Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church
The Macedonian Orthodox Church
Church of Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece

V. 22 Eastern Catholic Churches sui iuris

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