Eastern German town of Bautzen witnesses clashes between locals and refugees


Criminal police have reportedly launched an investigation focused on migrants causing bodily harm after throwing glass bottles at the officers.

“The altercation was started by the asylum seekers,” a police statement read. The previous evening, a 32-year-old local had sustained injuries after being hit by a bottle.dw.com/en/eastern-german-town-of-bautzen-witnesses-clashes-between-locals-and-refugees/a-19553867


Not a surprise, and I suppose we’ll be seeing more of this. I honestly don’t know how Germans can stand it.


Yup. These sorts of things are going to become more and more prevalent. And yet, for saying that, we’re going to be called racists, bigots, etc. Then, when it happens, somehow it’ll be the fault of everybody except the thing actually causing the issues.


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