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I come here to ask this question because the Eastern rite ( I think ) pre-dates that of the Roman rite. So what was the first ever Liturgy developed and by whom? Was it St.James the apostle? and how did it progress from there?

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[list]*] the term is Eastern Rites (Note the plural) - of which there are 5 - Alexandrian, Byzantine, Armenian, Antiochene/Syrian, and Chaldean.

*]The Roman Rite dates to St. Peter going to Rome. Of the modern 6 rites, it’s the first to be distinctive. The youngest is actually the Armenian, tho the split between Antiochene and Chaldean dates to about the same time frame.

*] the liturgies in use are not used unchanged in any rite. The oldest liturgy text in use is that of St. James the Just, used as an extraordinary form in some Byzantine Rite Churches, and in one Antiochene church. The thing is, we don’t know the early rubrics, and the rubrics with it differ by which church’s version is used.

The next oldest is the Liturgy of St. Basil; it’s used in variation in the Byzantine and Alexandrian Rite churches. It appears to be the daily use liturgy of the Copts, and is a limited use in most Byzantine churches.

The Roman OF was truly the youngest until about 1980, with the approval of the Anglican Use Missal… But it’s still of the Roman Rite, with an ancestry dating back to the latest years of the 1st Century.[/list]

It is said that the eight books of the Apostolic Constitutions were written by Saint Clement of Rome (lived 1st - 2nd century) and contain the oldest complete liturgy, dated to the fourth century and of the Antiochene rite. It seems that this rite has best preserved the type of the primitive use and from it is derived the Rite of Jerusalem, the Liturgy of Saint James (and untill the Council of Chalcedon in 451, Jerusalem was in the Antiochene Patriarchate), which then returned to Antioch and became that of the patriarchate.

Please include me in the prayers of the Divine Liturgy. :signofcross:

Hi, everyone. I am Byrdele. I have recently been worshiping in an Eastern Rite (Ruthenian, a Slavic rite) Catholic Church. I have grown to love it very much. We might be living in England in a little over a year. Can someone tell me where the Eastern Rite Catholic churches are located? Thank you.



Thanks, Vico. It turns out that we will probably, if we do go to England, not be near any of the churches, which I suspected.

Aramis - I know you! We go to the same church and besides, we’ve exchanged email and when I attend the 10:00 Liturgy we sit together! Ha! Now you know who I am. But I won’t let your secret out if you do not let mine out. :slight_smile: Hope you are doing well.

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