Eastern Neo-Scholastic Manuals

Does anyone know of any Eastern Catholic Manuals of Scholastic Philosophy or Theology?
The Latins have books like “Manuale Scholasticae Dogmaticae: Ad Usam Seminariarum…”
or “Manuale Scholasticae Philosophiae…,” What are the Eastern Equivalents of these books? Are there any Neo-Scholastic manuals in the East? If yes, what are they. If not, why not?

If the are none, then what do the Theologians of the Eastern Catholic Churches write? Do they have anything thorough, that would explain in a thorough way, all that Catholics are supposed to believe?


It’s not Eastern Catholic, but I don’t think it’s anything Eastern Catholics would have trouble with. Road to Emmaus is a quasi-theological journal put out by an Orthodox nun with help from others. I highly recommend it. I’m getting a subscription for Christmas, God willing. :slight_smile:

In Christ,

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