Eastern Orthodox, joined Byzantine Catholic parish


Hi everyone, I had previously posted on here on how I had joined the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. I was under the impression by asking to register with parish and receiving the mysteries of confession, and Eucharist, that I was already officially Eastern Catholic.

So here’s what happened, I wanted to become Eastern Catholic. I went to the priest at the Ukrainian parish with a copy of my baptismal/chrismation certificate. I told him I wanted to become Eastern Catholic and gave him the certificate. He was very nice and seemed very positive to the idea of me joining the parish. I filled out the parish registration card I was given and he handed me a box of offering envelopes. I thought by expressing my intent to join, being registered, and then participating in the mysteries (which I have been doing regularly for nearly two months now) was enough to count as a profession.

I sat down with the priest recently for spiritual direction and I asked out of curiosity if I was officially Eastern Catholic, and to my surprise, he said I still needed to make a formal profession of faith and have him record it in the baptismal registry with which specific Eastern Catholic Church I will join (Coming from the Greek Archdiocese so it would be the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church).

I know as an Eastern Orthodox I am allowed to receive the sacraments of confession, anointing, and Eucharist in Catholic parishes, but I did not think I could register with the parish first before make the profession of faith? Anyone have any thoughts? I am sort of confused. I intend to make the profession as soon as its realistically and logistically possible of course.


Speaking from a Latin point of view, registering with a parish just puts you on their mailing list. You’ll receive donation envelopes and occasional mailings. It has no bearing on whether or not you are Catholic.

To become Catholic you must make a profession of faith.

Is there any reason that wouldn’t be next Sunday?


I need to ask Father about that. He’s on a retreat all this week though.


If I remember right, you’re in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia just like me. if I knew what parish you’re in I’d love to meet you in person.


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