Eastern Orthodox Sacraments

Hi, :slight_smile: I’m Catholic and my family is Orthodox… and I’m just wondering, do the EO have the Real Presence? So when they receive the Eucharist, they’re receiving Jesus just like we do in the Catholic Church? Is this because the EO have Apostolic Succession through their Bishops? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes the Catholic Church recognizes the Sacraments of the Eastern Orthodox Churches as valid. They have valid holy orders and apostolic succession.

Where do you think the Catholic Church got her own Sacraments and Orders from?

From Jesus. :wink:

cause He started the Catholic Church

thanks :slight_smile:

From Jesus Christ.

Some Orthodox will argue that point.

and some (actually most) Catholics will argue them… haha… it’s sort of an endless debate

Actually then same person the Orthodox did. That is the reason why the Catholic Church accepts the Orthodox Sacraments as valid.

The OP did not ask what the Orthodox Church’s view of the Catholic Church and her Sacraments and Orders is.

The OP asked what the Catholic Church’s teaching regarding the Orthodox Church’s Sacraments is.

Can’t add anything else to that. :smiley:

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