Eastern Orthodox vs Roman Catholicism

Is there a simple chart somewhere that lines up the differences and similarities.

Also, Eastern Orthodox are considered synergistic; are Roman Catholics considered synergistic or monergistic?


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I just looked up synergism and monergism, but I’m pretty sure that Roman Catholics are synergists.

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That link did indeed give a good general comparison between the two Churches. Thanks for sharing that. :slight_smile:

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I agree.

Synergism and monoergism are dealing with entirely different things.

Monoergism is a heresy that taught that Christ had only one “energy”. If He had a full human nature, and a full divine nature, then He had to have both human “energy” and divine “energy”. (Keep in mind that “energy” has a technical philosophical and theological meaning here.)

Synergism is the teaching–in both Catholicism and Orthodoxy–that we must cooperate–synergaizo–with God in our salvation.

We are talking about two different things on monergism, but the same on synergism.

From Wiki:
Monergism describes the position in Christian theology of those who believe that God through the Holy Spirit works to effectually bring about the salvation of individuals through spiritual regeneration without cooperation from the individual. This is in contrast to synergism in which God and individuals cooperate for salvation.

Those that hold to monergism, do agree with Catholics in Christ was fully human and fully divine, holding full ability of both (what you refer to as “energy”).

With speaking with on Seminarian, he stated that God alway initiates. We believe that we respond because of the Grace He has already given us, for without it our nature is only bent away from God.

Thank you though, for responding It helps knowing that there may be a symantical issue here.

would it be wrong for a Catholic to become Orthodox, if we believe that they have valid sacraments and Orders, and allow them to commune with us?

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Tla, the question is in line with the thread (agreements and disagreements and understanding the two). I’m interested in your question also :wink:

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While the Roman Church allows Orthodox to receive the Eucharist in its churches, it would be considered an act of schism if an Orthodox were to do so. One would obviously need a good reason to convert, other than something trivial (pun intended) such as “liking the hats” as George Costanza was inclined to the Latvian Orthodox Church. lol. Most of my Catholic friends were surprised about my conversion to Orthodoxy, but were (and still are) supportive because I was still going to be in an Apostolic Church.

Still, I am sure that many of your fellow Roman Catholics would consider it an act of schism if you were to make the translation. Peoples reactions were mixed for mine, so I assume it might be the same for you.

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I believe the standard answer from an RC point of view is anathema.

It happens to be the case that this has not been formally reviewed in a long time and relations have warmed considerably in recent decades. But I think one is still roundly condemned for making the switch.

Naturally, on the receiving end it’s all praise and gladness. That’s how it is viewed from both sides. :shrug:

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