Eastern-Rite Anglicans?

While I was bored and randomly looking up stuff, I encountered an interesting new entry on the Byzantine Rite page on Wikipedia which led to this new movement that employs this rite. According to their FAQs page, they’re not creating a new church. Any thoughts on this? Here’s a link to this group:

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Uhm . . . that’s jut plain nuts . . .


Not exactly. There were talks as far back as the beginning of the 20th century where some Orthodox and Episcopal/Anglicans talked of merging. I think it was a bit one sided though, where the Orthodox just expected them to be Orthodox, so they went their own ways. Some parishes over the years individually converted though.

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Society for Eastern Rite Anglicanism (SERA) is recognized as a ministry of Saint Giles Episcopal Church, Moraga, California.

As I said, nuts.

Orthodox are serious about ecclesiology and the apostolic succession, notwithstanding the attachment what some anglican/episcopal attaché to letters from the 20s & 30s.

There could be now discussion of “equals” in such a discussion; only the terms under which the Anglicans would accept Orthodoxy.

Thus the notion of eastern under Anglican authority is, indeed, “nuts”


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Considering the direction these churches have gone, it probably would have been the better thing.

They have John Shelby Spong for the Episcopalians… and probably the real source of “clown masses”.

And the Anglican church recently hosted a “fashion show” with all kinds of Satanic imagery.

Shhhhhh. You’ll just encourage them. :wink:

Spong is everyone’s favorite punching bag. He seems to be a good sport about it though.

We do have our share of clowns, though I haven’t seen them put on their own mass yet at my church.

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To be fair, I really like NT Wright. And heard good things about Margaret Baker’s book “Temple Theology”, so I got it on my wishlist. Both Anglicans.

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No hard feelings, lol. I know Anglicans/ Episcopalians are a dysfunctional group. It’s probably (most definitely) why they tolerate the likes of me.


What’s next, Eastern-Rite evangelicals? :laughing:


That would interesting Timothy… Though it would most likely be an attempted to revive the Celtic Church (as most of the movements doing this have gone east theologically)

There is actually a Church among the St. Thomas Christians called the Mar Thoma Church. They are not in commune with Rome but follow the West Syriac Rite and are apart of the Anglican Communion.


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