Eastern Rite Liturgy of the Hours

I know that priests and religious of the Latin rite pray the Liturgy of the Hours,
but what about Eastern rite priests and religious and in particular the Maronite
priests and religious. Do they use they same Liturgy of the Hours as their
Latin rite counterparts? If not, what do they use? Can it be obtained in English?
Where can one purchase it?

Maronites have our own Liturgy of the Hours called Prayer of the Faithful. The English version is a translation and revision from the French edition (which itself was a translation and revision from the Arabic edition, which was a translation and revision from the original Syriac). I’ve been praying it daily for years (actually started praying it a couple of years before I even started attending a Maronite parish). It’s nice, but can leave one wanting in some places. I believe you can obtain copies of it through St. Maron Publications.

Rumor has it that there is a new English translation in the works… but it could be decades before it’s ever released.

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Byzantine Catholic Church has the Divine Praises: https://mci.archpitt.org/liturgy/DailyCycle.html

Vespers and Matins are the main hours. Links to some hours: https://mci.archpitt.org/Publications.html

Byzantine Daily Worship (1969) by Melkite Archbishop Raya and Baron Joseph de Vinck includes, among other material (English):

  • Office of Vespers,
  • The Prayer as the Supper Table,
  • Order of Compline,
  • Great Compline,
  • The Order of Matins,
  • Office of Lauds,
  • Prime,
  • Tierce,
  • Sext,
  • None.

Available from Alleluia Press $65.

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As @Phillip_Rolfes said, the Prayer of the Faithful is the Office that Maronite clergy in English speaking regions are required to use.

Nearly the entire Prayer of the Faithful (minus commons of memorials) is online and you can use this website to pray it daily, which is what I use if I’m traveling or am somewhere and I’ve forgotten my book.

You can order a set of the books here, but since you’re Maronite I would ask your pastor if he has an extra set. That’s how I got mine.

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Thank you all!

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