Eastern Rite Mass in Monterey California?

Does anyone know of an Eastern Rite community or parish within 30 minutes of Monterey, California?


Fr. Anthony Hernandez has been celebrating Divine Liturgy in the Salinas-Monterey area, I think about once a month. Contact Fr. Anthony directly. If you’re on Facebook he is there at “Fr-Anthony Hernandez”, and the St. Basil’s parish is on Facebook at “Saint Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church Los Gatos”. You can email him through Facebook, or all the ways to contact him are there on the Facebook page, or the Saint Basil website, tho the Facebook pages are more up to date. Fr. Anthony is a *wonderful *Eastern Catholic priest!

You can also check here at Find-A-Parish -> By Location -> United States-> California, but I’m not aware of another EC worship in that area. If there is one I’m sure Fr. Anthony could also tell you that.

Thanks for the info!

Fr. Anthony usually celebrates the Divine Liturgy in the chapel at Palma HS (in Salinas) every 4th Saturday afternoon (just once per month). Get on his email list and he’ll send a reminder a few days before.

EDIT: I’m not sure about “community” as the majority of attendees were Latin when I went.

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