Eastern Rites and Advent

Hello, I’m doing some research on the traditions of Advent.

I know the current traditions in the Latin Rite and Byzantine Rite are 4 weeks and 40 days respectively. What do other Rites of the Catholic Church do? I heard a comment that at least some Catholic Rites do not observe an Advent season at all, but didn’t hear which Rite(s) it was. Thank you for any help.

Pax Christi

Would be interesting to learn what the Syriac Rites do

For more on the Eastern Catholic Nativity Fast I recommend The Winter Pascha: readings for the Christmas-Epiphany season by Fr. Thomas Hopko. In addition to that gooble books link there are cheap used copies available on Amazon. He covers the important feasts of the period of the Nativity Fast, the Feast of the Presentation of the Theotokos, St Andrew’s Day, St Nicholas Day, the Sunday of the Forefathers; and the Sunday of the Fathers, Forefeast of the Nativity.

Like his book The Lenten Spring: Readings for Great Lent. Winter Pascha emphasizes the prayers of these services as the bones on which he hangs his teaching. We always say the Liturgy IS the catechesis and Fr. Thomas shows this clearly as he draws heavily on these prayers. :slight_smile:

Thank you. This looks very interesting.


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