Easy Bible Study to Understand Catholicism or Beginners Catholicism?


I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good Bible study for beginning Catholics or one to help you understand the basics of Catholicism?

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I liked “Catholicism for dummies”, “home sweet Rome”, “born fundamentalist, born again catholic” and many others. Rediscovering Catholicism is another good one. Your local parish may have free copies. I am a huge book reader and read several when beginning the conversion process in late 2012.


I really liked The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth. ISBN 0-88489-759-1 by Saint Mary’s Press. My priest gave it to me to read and i enjoyed it so well i purchased my own copy from Amazon.


The Jerusalem Bible.


Agape Bible Study is a good online and free resource for bible study.


Get the Catholicism DVD series and study books. It is outstanding.


You’ve received many great recommendations already as far as books & dvd’s. I will throw out the suggestion of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) and also …have you put any thought into RCIA? It is a great way to learn and ask questions without any pressure of converting.


Second the RCIA recommendation. I did convert, but that was my intention. RCIA is also intended for the curious and an experienced RCIA leader or team will not be surprised by anything you ask.


Oh I just saw you are “questioning Protestantism” !

Keep questioning!

The Catholicism DVD is still a great recommendation.

Go to YouTube and search for Father Barron. Watch all his videos. Also listen to Catholic Answers live podcast. Catholic.com/radio

Whenever your ready go to a parish and talk to them bring questions. Look into inquiry/RCIA program.

Ask away here too!


Thanks for all the great answers and help! :slight_smile: I appreciate them!



This may be more for kids but you might check out “St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism” It is still pretty good for a beginner, whether adult or kid.:shrug:


Yes, all good.






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Catechism of the Catholic Church



I’d also recommend some of the many studies from Ascension Press. They have programs that range from beginner Bible study to Church history, the Catechism, etc. They are very good, and the materials associated with the programs make it even easier to understand.


I second that notion! A great way to learn about Catholicism.



If you want a study guide type book, the Catholic Home Study courses are good. They are free and each one is a small book and then a workbook with questions so you can test yorself - for wrong answers, it tells you what you missed and explains it. You can take them at whatever pace you want, but just one at a time. I finished the first in a couple days, then spent close to a year before I did the last one (I got busy with school and it sat on my bookshelf).

You can get them at amm.org/chss/chss.asp

I’m on the 4th course through them now and they helped explain a lot of things more in depth than RCIA.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


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