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Hi y’all,

I, as many of you know, come from Protestant roots. I read and devoured by NIV thinline Bible that I took with me literally everywhere. Now, as a Catholic, I am finding some Bible dilemmas.

For one thing, there aren’t many options to Bible’s for Catholics as there are to Protestants. Where I could find 50 volumes differently published of one translation, I can barely find 50 Catholic Bible’s anywhere!

I was wondering if you could help me track down a Catholic Bible that would be very functional. I want something that is lighter weight and still readable. This is a Bible that I would like to carry with me everywhere and not just sit on my desk at home. I want its dimensions about 6" by 9" by 0.5-1" thick. The number of notes does not matter to me whatsoever or if it even has any. I only have one translation request: no NRSV or any paraphrases.

If you have a Bible similar to any of these requests that you may be interested in getting rid of to a good home, no matter how well loved it is, let me know and I may be interested :smiley:

God bless!



You might find some suggestions here…



This by FAR is my favorite carry-around Bible.

It is a Catholic Bible first of all. Print is easy to read but it is compact so you can even fit it in your purse or backpack. The zipper also has a miraculous medal on it. The outside is this faux leathery stuff that you could even take somewhere to get engraved if you wanted to give it as a gift or something.

Random story off-topic story about this Bible. One time someone broke into my car and I left this Bible in my car. The thief stole my GPS but left a $10 roll of quarters. He or she or they also unzipped my Bible to see if there was any money in it. I still pray for the thief(ves) every once in a while because how desperate can you be if you are trying to steal from someone and you are willing to ransack their Bible?


I purchased this pocket Douay-Rheims Bible and love it. The text is small but I don’t mind it.



I’ve got about 8 translations on my kindle, which fits nicely in my back pocket


I use the one on the Laudate app when I’m out of the house


A good suggestion. Also, if you have a smartphone, there are numerous Bible apps available (even though I prefer to read a real book, there is no substituting that an e-reader or smartphone is really convenient).

For Android, I know the following exist (all read offline except the NABRE on Laudate):

Catholic Study Bible App: RSV-CE & RSV-2CE
Laudate App: New American Bible Revised Edition (must be online) & Douay-Rheims
Jerusalem Bible. Old Testament
Jerusalem Bible. New Testament (both OT & NT by Igor Apps)

There are also a couple listed in the Android marketplace that I can’t figure out what translation they are.

In addition, several more are available on the web, which you could bookmark:
New Jerusalem Bible - catholic.org/bible
Knox Bible - newadvent.org/bible/gen001.htm
Christian Community Bible - bibleclaret.org/bibles/

In fact, I think about the only translation I can’t find online in any form is the Confraternity Bible (if you have a link to an online source for this, especially if it has the Pius XII psalms, please let me know - I would love to bookmark it).


I went to the website and it looks very nice, but I can’t find out anything about the size. Could you post the dimensions, please?


Product Information

Format: Imitation Leather
Number of Pages: 1344
Vendor: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2004
Dimensions: 6.75 X 5.0 X 1.25 (inches)
ISBN: 019528853X
ISBN-13: 9780195288537


Thank you for posting the dimensions. I was looking to make sure it was the same one I have and I found this other website which sells the same Bible for less but with shipping and handling, it may come out the same, I’m not sure.



This version of the NABRE is nice. It is a little more in line with the size of the thinline Bibles (8 5/8 x 5 1/2) . The font size (8) is larger then the size (6) used in many of the compacts. The zipper enclosure is very nice for carrying around, putting the bible in the glove box or any other container in the car (the Bible pages are protected from damage). This Bible has notes and color maps. Cheaper at amazon or christianbook.com


I have this one and my wife even liked it so much that I got her one too. It’s beautiful and comfortable and is a good Catholic translation.
Ignatius Catholic Bible, Revised Standard Version


Laudate, logos bible software, or a leather bible carrier are great.

God bless


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