Easy way to predict ovulation?


I don’t mean to be indelicate, but does anyone know of a way for me to predict when I will ovulate? I had a website that did just that, but it wouldn’t work for me this time because my dates were more than 3 days apart. So, I am looking for a way to know without buying an ovulation prediction test. Thanks so much!


I think your best bet would be to learn about your cervical mucus. That’s the best indication of impending ovulation. Cervical checks also help, too.


There isn’t anything that can predict ovulation.

The STM, Creighton, and Billings models allow you to observe your fertility signs to indicate when ovulation is approaching and when it has occurred.

Ovulation kits merely indicate ovulation is approaching but cannot predict when-- or if-- it will occur.


Hi there,

I agree with the above posters. Learning to read your mucus is the only way I really know to work. You might be able to find a counselor at your parish in NFP, if not ask your diocese. My husband and I used NFP for 22 years (I am now going through menopause) and I will certainly be sharing this wisdom with my adult daughter, once she marries. It really does enrich your marriage and make Jesus the center.

God bless you and your family!


Observing physical signs is usually the best. Charting your Cervical Mucus is probably the best. You’ll notice specific patterns after a couple of months. Taking temps also shows you a pattern and then you’ll only know after you’ve ovulated.

Usually your CM peeks just a few days before you actually ovulate and you should be able to notice it. If you take antihistamines regularly, it might dry you out so you might not notice it. It also changes in texture throughout your cycle.

I usually can also tell by how I feel. Usually when I’m nearing ovulation, my skin clears up, I feel pretty, I have more energy and then I always get a headache. Go figure. It’s the hormones.


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