Eat a Dog, Save the Earth

SUVs owners are often castigated by treehuggers for their Earth-unfriendly lifestyle. A new book argues that pets are just as bad.

New Zealand authors Robert and Brenda Vale’s book, “Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living” is an exhaustive analysis of the environmental impact of common pets such as cats and dogs. The authors studied the carbon emissions created by pets, including the ingredients in their food and the land required to grow it. And the results don’t bode well for Fido, who compares poorly to that SUV.

The Values noted that a medium dog consumes 90 grams of meat and 156 grams of cereals daily in its recommended 300-gram portion of dried dog food. They then determined that Fido wolfs down about 164 kilograms of meat and 95 kilograms of cereals per year.

It takes 43.3 square meters of land to generate 1 kilogram of chicken per year — far more for beef and lamb — and 13.4 square meters to generate a kilogram of cereals. So that gives him a footprint of 0.84 hectares. For a big dog such as a German shepherd, the figure is 1.1 hectares.

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The really fun thing about this book, aside from the fact that it was written by two true believers in the threat of man made global warming, is that it provides such wonderful ammunition for those who are, uhh not in agreement. After all, how bad can an SUV be if a mid-size dog has twice the carbon footprint? Ain’t some perspective great? - it would be hard to make this stuff up.



I’m speechless.

This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw: “Save the planet. Kill yourself” or “Save a Cow. Eat a Human”.

God created dogs, He didn’t create SUVs. So personally, I would feel a lot better about ridding the world of SUVs.

Dogs are alive. SUVs are machines. There’s a difference.

To you and me, that’s the difference - to a man in love with his ride that’s only a matter of semantics.

I know for a fact that the idea of cows generating greenhouse gases is rubbish. The gases they expel come directly from the grass they eat. The grass took those gases out of the air. Their net effect is zero.

I think I saw something similar on WND. This garbage provided some entertainment, but now I’m worried about how many people buy into this stuff.

We need to ‘fight’ climate change? Are you insane? That’s akin to picking a fight with God. If we really want to know how that’ll go down, let’s visit the Kingdom of Hell and ask Lucifer. He knows all about going against the will of the LORD.

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