Eating Disorder


I have been dealing with issues around food for my whole life. I would go in cycles where was “was” and “was not” an issue. A couple of weeks ago - in a moment of courage - I went to an eating disorder clinic to get some initial testing.

Yesterday, when I went back to get my results, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder…:frowning:

I am not so sure why I am taking this so hard - I think I was in a lot of denial about how serious this all really is. Like I said - I always knew that I had issues - but to get a diagnosis and be given that this is a reality and that this isn’t something that I can pretend isn’t real or will just magically go away on its own.

I am really scared right now. The reality of this information and what I will need to do to battle this is so daunting. There is still part of me that wants to deny that this is real - and maybe it can just get better on its own. Maybe I am still lacking self-control…and I just need some more will-power.

I have an appointment set up with my priest - although I am not really sure what he can tell me.

Can I bring this into the confessional? If I do - how do I word it? Is it really even a sin?

I would really appreciate any prayers or support that anyone could offer me on this.


You took a huge step when you went to the clinic, and for that you ought to give yourself credit.

It’s going to be scary and confusing at first. It was when I first asked for help with my addiction, but it gets easier, I promise.

I can’t see how an eating disorder in of itself would be sinful, quite honestly :shrug:.

Best of luck to you hun, and please message me if you need to talk at all.


Megan, just so you know… you’re in my prayers. I think you’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever encountered… and you’re going to get through this. Trust in Our Lord. He will help you. Ask Our Lady for her assistance, too.

God bless you, Megan. Hang in there, please.

MV :flowers:


MrsMegan, you are very brave. But are you a different person than you were the day before yesterday when you didn’t officially have a diagnosis? No - you have not changed at all. But what IS different is that you now have a plan in place for getting better. That’s good, right?

I’m glad you’re going to see your priest. I know he’s been very helpful to you on other issues, and I’m sure he’ll have something good to say to you now.

As for bringing it to confession, it couldn’t hurt. Not that it is sinful, but that it is a part of you in need of healing and strength, that you can lay at the feet of the Divine Physician. Why not ask the priest when you see him, what he thinks about this?

Well, didn’t Our Lord give you a nice cross to carry alongside Him on Good Friday? Remember, you’re never alone with it - He’s always with you. God bless you, Sweetie.



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