eating habits of larger people

Sorry if this sounds petty or offends anyone, honestly just curious about the science and phycological aspects of this.

I have a MIL who is very large and at times I am just shocked at how much food she puts away. I am 4.5 months pregnant and can’t put away half of what she does in one sitting.

So, do larger people really have larger stomachs, or is it a chemical imbalance where their ‘full’ signal isn’t triggered as quickly as a more average-built person? I thought everybody’s actual stomach was about the same size.

I think it’s a complicated issue. I struggled with depression and overeating for many years and ate large amounts (usually at night and in secret because of shame) simply to feel better. Food was a drug for me.

A stomach can stretch. I can’t eat nearly the quantities of food now that I ate back then. Your MIL may eat too much for many reasons: emotional, bad habits, genetic factors. As a nation, we are eating ourselves to death…literally and spiritually.

I wonder how your MIL would take it to be confronted about her eating habits in regards to her health?


I am overweight, but I also went through 13 years of being bedfast and major steriod and medication that packed on the weight. I eat very little, it is very hard to get off, especially with my health issues. But, it is coming off.

Your MIL may well have a carb inbalance now. Buy her a bottle of cinnamon supplements, have her take a total amount 1500 several times a day. See if that doesn’t calm her carb cravings and balance out her sugar.

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