Eating more red meat does NOT hurt your heart: New study insists larger portions of beef and pork can actually be GOOD for blood pressure


Red meat has been condemned as a cancer-causing, blood pressure-raising no-no.

Indeed, nutritional guidelines in both the UK and the US advise eating no more than 70g of beef, pork, or steak per day.

But a new review of clinical trials from Purdue University has found quite the opposite.

According to the study, eating more than the recommended daily amount of red meat does not affect short-term heart disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

In fact, they found unprocessed red meat to be a good source of nutrients for patients.




My LDL went way down when I started my low-carb eating plan. My HDL went way up. I eat lots of red meat and pork.

And I lost 25 lbs!




Imagine that, they’re discovering that eating real food isn’t bad for you after all. :smiley:



I’m waiting for the opposite side of this…
That the recommendation does nothing to help.


Kinda’ like when the U.S. Health Department said it wasn’t necessary to floss teeth. :eek:

Eat fewer animals!

Push the pasta!


Everything in moderation!

Sadly I imagine too many people over indulging in beef prime rib roast this Christmas and kicking the bucket all because of this news headline.


I wouldn’t blame the prime rib, it’s more apt to be all the desserts & holiday desserts that masquerade as vegetables - yams with brown sugar & marshmallows, green bean casserole & I don’t know what else. And the booze. Haven’t eaten that way in 3-4 years.

I saw a headline recently that claimed lchf was only “safe” for 6 months - after that you gain weight, get sick, & die. For me, the more I learn, the better I follow the diet, and the better my health. :smiley:

And the best thing about lchf is that I don’t have to eat anything I don’t like, such as rice cakes or cabbage soup. Everything I eat, I like. :wink:


I have said this before on CAF, but I’ll say it again.

One might question grain-fed beef, but grass-fed contains about the same amount of “good” cholesterol as fish.

Julius Caesar remarked at the health and vigor of the ancient Teutons, and ascribed it to their nearly all-meat diet. They were herders and hunters, and didn’t raise grain or vegetables at all, though perhaps they scrounged up some non-poisonous wild herbs and fruits here and there.

Of perhaps further interest, not topical but somewhat related, Caesar described them as being an extremely indolent people who, nevertheless, engaged in occasional bursts of extreme activity like fighting. No joggers, those Teutons, unless they were chasing down Roman soldiers or running from them. So one might be permitted to wonder about other “healthy” advice as well. :slight_smile:

Among history’s foremost fighters were the Alans. (I believe it was the Alans. Might have been a similar tribe) They were “hit-and-run” marauders who harassed the Persian Empire terribly, looting and killing. One of the Persian emperors decided to go after them, and took his army miles and miles into the Eurasian steppes. But the only contact with the Alans was an occasional hit-and-run attack.

Exasperated, the emperor sent them a message challenging them to stand and fight. Their leader replied approximately like this: “We have no cities to defend or crops for you to burn. We only have our herds. But bother the graves of our ancestors and then you will learn whether we will fight you.”

Not even knowing where such graves might be, how he would recognize them, or what he would have to go through if he found them, the Persian emperor turned around and took his army back to Persia.


Remember when butter was bad for you and margarine was seen as healthy!

I don’t pay attention to these studies. I eat what I want in moderation - except for
chocolate!!! :smiley:


Thanks for the history - it’s fun. Maybe my preferred diet comes from my Norwegian & German ancestors - I eat a lot of fish & red meat. :wink:


Those ancient Teutons didn’t have longevity we experience today. I assume their health would suffer in the long run.
We need a steady but healthy source of protein throughout life. Age must be considered.

e.g. A drop of estrogen raises risk of heart conditions in menopausal women.
Life is not static.
There is overwhelming evidence that saturated fat contributes to heart disease.


I have sometimes wondered whether northern Europeans have different dietary requirements from, say, Arabs, Chinese, or Mediterranean people. Northern Europeans are descended from steppe people who spent thousands of years as herders before moving into Europe very close to historic times. Their diets would have been almost 100% meat and milk products. It’s no accident that, for example, almost all northern Europeans are lactose tolerant into adulthood but almost nobody else on earth is. And the more northerly the Europeans are, the more lactose tolerant they are. As I recall, the most tolerant are the British islanders and the Finns. And among the British islanders, there are more cattle in Ireland than there are people, (more per capita than anywhere else) and the oldest Irish epic is about a cattle raid.

Undoubtedly, they gained lactose tolerance because their ancestors died out on the steppes if they didn’t. Only the lactose tolerant survived those thousands of years.

If it’s true of lactose, it seems to me it might be true of other herder-based diets as well.


Except for me. I’m somewhat lactose intolerant & very allergic to the protein in dairy. :frowning:
May I got that from my other ancestors.


could I see the thousands of peer reviews that support the same conclusion? I’m pretty sure they don’t. eating red meat in moderation is probably fine although I don’t eat meat at all but yes it probably does hurt your heart if you eat too much.


If your not active enough to metabolize fat, then it doesn’t matter what you eat- you’ll be unhealthy. To much focus on, “what can I eat?” instead of “what can I do?”.

Think of all the machines that have replaced a person’s work around the house or at their job. Then add all the processed and fast foods.

It’s amazing to see all the people who have no clue how to cook with whole foods or do basic chores. People are supposed to work, physically work, to stay healthy. God designed us that way, and the state we are in today is not natural.


Humans are a meat eating critter ,it’s actually good for you,


These statements and headlines are sensationalized misinterpretations of the science. They do a serious disservice to an already nutritionally confused and unhealthy public for whom heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death. Promoting the view that foods rich in saturated fat, such as meat, butter, cheese, are harmless requires ignoring an overwhelming amount of evidence linking increased meat consumption to a higher risk of death. It also requires ignoring much additional evidence showing that saturated fat-rich meals impair endothelial function, raise cholesterol, and lead to populations with higher rates of both heart disease and cancer.

From The End of Heart Disease by Joel Fuhrman M.D.
Pg. 131-32


lol. Everybody dies, although nobody dies from old age anymore. They die from “heart disease”.

[quote=Bonnie]For me, the more I learn, the better I follow the diet, and the better my health. :smiley:

And the best thing about lchf is that I don’t have to eat anything I don’t like, such as rice cakes or cabbage soup. Everything I eat, I like. :wink:

:slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I have been following lchf for several years now. My cholesterol levels are better than ever. If I eat a bowl of spaghetti, I will gain two pounds, no matter how hard I exercise. It is said that people who are on lchf diets consume less calories, and that is the real reason they lose weight. It may be, but, I am never hungry, because a diet high in fat and protein satiates longer than carbohydrates.

Think of what they use to fatten cattle - GRAINS!

Also, I lost 5 lbs when I stopped drinking Diet Coke. No more “diet” anything.

I do still drink wine daily, though.


I know this is anecdotal, but I am of northern European ancestry and could drink mild till the cows come home. :slight_smile: My the father of my children is Sicilian. He can’t drink milk, and neither can my kids.

Of course, I don’t drink milk, too much lactose. I would gain a lot of weight. I only put real cream in my coffee these days.

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