Eating on Ash Wednesday


I put extra parmesan cheese on my only meal today in order to eat some more. Is this a sin? Mortal?

Nope you’re good. :thumbsup:


First of all, if you’re in RCIA (presuming you aren’t baptized Catholic), the fasting rules don’t apply to you.

Second, cheese is fine, meat is the thing we have to avoid today.


Second, cheese is fine, meat is the thing we have to avoid today.

I know cheese and other stuff like eggs, etc are allowed. I was worried because I increased the amount of calories/food in my meal (though I didn’t add too much cheese or anything).

No, there is no rule that says your one meal can’t be a tiny bit larger than normal, so long as it is still just one meal, sprinkling a little bit of cheese on top does not turn one meal into two.

We won’t tell anyone!

Ha Ha, I did the same thing for lunch today - got my Caesar salad, moved over to the bin of grated parmesan, and went to town on it!:smiley:

Well, your one meal is meant to be ‘moderate’ so no five-course feasts (unless you normally have eight courses, I suppose), but a little Parmesan goes a very long way, so I doubt having extra would amount to being immoderate.

I guess thats what I meant by it still being one meal as opposed to two. I didn’t mean two as in seperated by time, but rather so long as your not just putting all the food you would normally eat in a day into your one meal but rather keeping to the spirit of the fast you are good. :slight_smile:

‘One moderate meal’ is ‘one moderate meal’. As such I would say this precludes even a larger-than-average meal, as such would not be ‘moderate’, let alone anything like what you are describing.

However, as I said I completely agree that a bit of extra grated Parmesan doesn’t cross into the realms of being immoderate, and it doesn’t make a significant difference to the email as a whole.

I have a similar question. I actually didn’t eat anything from the time I woke up (around 6:30 am) until I got home (I think around 5 pm). Once I got home I had a peanut butter sandwich and two tuna sandwiches and a piece of cake. I normally would eat two tuna sandwiches some chips and a piece of cake. That is all I will have had today. Did I screw up by eating the peanut butter sandwich instead of chips?

I was using hyperbole. I’m pretty sure we are on the same page here. :slight_smile:

You must’ve been pretty darn hungry going without food all day. I find that having something small during the day means that overall you do fine with less at night.

As with the cheese, I don’t think the difference between a sandwich and chips (have you seen the amount of grease and calories in those things?) would be enough to constitute a ‘screw-up’, to use your terminology.

Thanks for all the responses!

Another question: What time does the abstinence end? Midnight or the next morning after you wake up?

Technically midnight according to canon 202.

I was thinking the same…just wanted some confirmation. Thanks!

Another question.

My ashes have not completely gone away yet. Am I allowed to keep them on?

You can wash them away.:slight_smile:

God bles you.

At the risk of giving offense … dude, wash your face already :eek:

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