Eating versus Adoring

According to the Catechism of Pious the X:

46 Q: How long does Jesus Christ abide within us after Holy Communion?
A: After Holy Communion Jesus Christ abides within us by His grace as long as we commit no mortal sin; and He abides within us by His Real Presence until the sacramental species are consumed.

There seems to be expressed a distinction between “abides within us by his grace” and being in relation to “His Real Presence” in the above words.

If your options are either

A) Have a consecrated host contained within a worthy receptacle that one can have within their presence for adoration for an extended period of time, e.g. a full week.


B) Consume as Jesus said to do: “eat”,

Which one is more conducive to the reception of grace?

As it has been described that temporal presence is dissipated by consumption after the appearance of bread has been disintegrated, whereas the actual presence would last for quite some time before disintegration by storing the host, which would be more beneficial under the two choices? To remain in the Real Presence of Christ for the extended period without consumption, or to eat it and have that Real Presence for a very slim period of time?

In a sense this question, noticing the above distinction mentioned, is an attempt at understanding the difference between The Real Presence and having Him Abide by his Grace which seems to supersede the concept of an instituted outward sign of an inward grace.

Thanks for any clarification of judgment.

And, Caio for now.

To receive the Eucharist is to receive His grace as well as His real presence. It is better to receive the Eucharist.
Granted that His real presence fades; but by keeping a consecrated host we do not actually *receive *His real presence at all; and we do not receive His grace either, at least not in the same way.

Interesting question.

There’s no “either/or” but rather a “both/and” in answer to your question.

We DO have the Real Presence kept in a worthy receptacle for an extended period of time within every Catholic Church. That is why so many Catholic Churches have regular hours of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. So there is one way to receive grace. :slight_smile:

On the other hand by consuming the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist, we obey his Sacred Commandment, and receive the Sacramental Grace that only reception of the Eucharist can give. Furthermore, this consumption draws us into His Sacred Body, so that we are One with Him, and have His Life living within us. So that is undoubtedly the better way to receive not only grace, but the Life of Christ within us. Even though the real presence itself only lasts a short time, the benefits to the soul AND the body are immeasurable in this lifetime. :slight_smile:

Wonderful response.

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