Ebay again...

Hello all. For all of those who read of ebay’s previous allowance of a Eucharist being auctioned here is another religious auction. This involves a supposed St. John Bosco relic. It was my understanding that relics are not to be sold. Check it out and if relics are not to be sold we should get the auction removed. Thanks.



The auction has already ended with a buy-it-now bid ($15.99).

The Church says that relics are not to be sold. This has never been a rule on eBay (though they did recently prohibit the selling of the Eucharist, which is in a different category).

This was a second-class relic (a bit of St. John Bosco’s clothing). Although the selling of such relics is still forbidden by Canon Law, personally I don’t get too worked up over a second (or especially a third) class relic. A first-class relic would be a different story, though. And maybe eBay does prohibit selling body parts.

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