Ebay seller claims to have another host

I just got an e-mail from the seller that they have another host from Pope John Paul II and are planning to auction it off. If someone can show me how to copy and paste I could show the e-mail to you guys. By the way, they’re Protestants. What a surprise!

Something is not right here, I can not believe he has another Host from the Pope, it is to suspicious; he knows how he has angered and upset us and that is exactly what he is planning on doing again. :mad:

But if it is another Host then eBay must step in and stop the auction.

To Copy & Paste:

Move your mouse to the beginning of the letter so that the cursor looks like a capital I, then left click and keep your finger on the button and drag the mouse over the words. Point the mouse cursor over the now shaded words and right click and you will get a drop down menu, left click copy; now all you do is right click and left click paste and hey presto the message appears

This is not right and has to stop.I have said before Catholic Action League needs to come down on e-bay.As hateful as these people are acting they could go into Mass and do it again for spite:mad: E-bay has to stop it:mad:

I don’t understand how that is possible. Maybe they bought some unconcesrated hosts and are saying it is blessed. A few Sundays agao, some one in the recption line tried to walk away with a host, or maybe was just slow to put it in his mouth and the priest said “eat it now,” which was done. I never saw anyone try to lave with one before. I have ehard they are sought after for satanic pracitces, but it really unnerved me to think that some one might have been trying to do that, and I saw the person, who might have such evil intentions. Like I said, though maybe they were just slow about consuming it. Or intended to dip it in the wine, which I don’t think is suppose to happen either.

The point being, that if that priest was vigilant, than I would think people at the Vatican would be even more vigilant and it would not be possible for it to have escaped their notice.

I posted this in Pope John Paul II forum as well. You should go there, it’s received more answers.

Here’s the e-mail:

**From: ** Kw3186@aol.com Kw3186@aol.com **To: ** RJFERN0407@ngcsu.edu **CC: ** **Received: ** 04/12/05 11:55 pm **Subject: ** from a collector **Attachments: ** “I was just wondering if you have anymore memorabilia from the Pope’s Mass. I am a VERY interested collector. Steve”

So, tell me, what should I do with the “other” host that I have from Pope II? Auction it too??

Simply because some nut says that its a consecrated host, how can anybody tell?

And besides, if I’m not mistaken, the pope frowned on people receiving the host in their hands. I cannot remember of a case where the Pope gave sombody communion in the hand. And if that was the case, there are many priests, cardinals, etc surrounding the Pope and I’m sure they would have stopped that person right away from walking away with it. I’m sure the people that go up to receive communion from the Pope were well known people. Sombody correct me if I’m wrong. Also, how old is that host? When and where did they get it from the Pope? What proof do they have that it’s a consecrated host? Too many questions not answered. Somebody fill me in because I don’t go into e-bay.

To me that person was just trying to make some $$$ and hoping that sombody would fall for that trap. IF is it consecrated, then that person will be judged severely one day and will not be able to plead ignorance.

The idiot just made $2000. I would have been surprised if he didn’t come up with another “consecrated” host.

**nike248: ** “By the way, they’re Protestants. What a surprise!”

Bigoted much?

Besides, if it offends you, don’t look at it or buy it. The guy is free to do what he wants with his possessions.

The craziness of this is simple: You can purchase online from any religious good store, unconsecrated hosts. You do not have to be a church to do so. They come sold in bulk. So this fool is not so foolish if he can purchase for less than $10, more than a hundred hosts and pop up at intervals to sell them to very naive group or people or to a group that wants to rid the market from this blasphemy. I think that is why it is vital for us to petition ebay to stop this horror from reoccuring and very quickly.

“The guy is free to do what he wants with his possessions.”

Not if that “possesion” is Almighty God under the appearences of the host.

The Eucharist is the exclusive property of the Catholic Church and its Apostolic Priesthood which it gives out for immediate consumption to the faithful. It is blasphemy and simony to sell it.

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