Ebola outbreak: Death toll rises to over 140 in Liberia, Guinea


I have found it astounding that very little has been reported concerning this terrible health crisis in Africa. Please refer to this article and the others published previously:


For appropriate information on this virus please read this website:


Now that you have at least glanced at the above articles I would like to call your attention to news that has gone largely unreported. Please read the following carefully:



These two sources were the first to break the news that Ebola had “possibly” moved into Italy. As of this post I cannot confirm or deny that it has broken through containment. However, I do call into question the fact that no one has come forward declaring this a hoax. I strongly encourage everyone to watch this developing situation and remain vigilant.


Ebola is one bad virus.



Quoting from the CNN article:

The virus is still limited to the two nations, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, despite rumors of it spreading to other countries.

During one of our earlier discussions of this outbreak, I posted a commentary which I think is still relevant:

People around the world have read such horrific tales about Ebola that they tend to dread it inordinately, sometimes with dark fascination, as though it’s a preternatural killer. It is not. It’s a horrible virus if you catch it, but it’s not easy to catch.

It afflicts poor African people who live in villages amid forest and are obliged by scarcity of options to eat bats, apes and other wild creatures, found dead or captured live.

Ebola in Guinea is not the Next Big One, an incipient pandemic destined to circle the world, as some anxious observers might imagine. It’s a very grim and local misery, visited upon a small group of unfortunate West Africans, toward whom we should bow in sympathy and continue sending help. It’s not about our fears and dreads. It’s about them.


I too have heard that a virus like Ebola is very hard to get in the western world, let alone spread around and become the next plague, as some are probably thinking. However, I think we should pray for those who have the disease, as well as those working to cure it :signofcross:


Ah, okay. Good to know.


Wow. This is horrible. I hope and pray that it stops soon.


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