Ebola Outbreak Over in Senegal


The World Health Organization said it “commends the country on its diligence to end the transmission of the virus,” citing Senegal’s quick and thorough response.



Praised be Jesus Christ!

Let’s pray this trend continues.


Good for them.

Fruit bats must be able to cross borders even with the best of measures in place.


Good for them! It looks like Nigeria is also on the way to containing it; I hope this crisis will soon be over.


Seems like this is misleading in its declaration. It might be said Ebola is over for the
man who denied his condition in order to enter the U.S. Its over for other victims as well.
We need to do everything necessary to stop the virus. The directions coming from the vacant Oval Office are doing a good job at piling the hurt on the U.S.A. You know:
“Fundamentally changing America”. Add them all up and the total of fundamental change is staggering! The money wasted by this Administration in every direction is beyond staggering - and yet more is being demanded. If we can survive this Administration we may stand a chance of surviving. Pray and pass the ammunition!


Great news, just like Nigeria.

Maybe we can get a doctor from one of those to countries to be Ebola Czar here in the USA?

They would seem more qualified than the current dude.




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