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After a long debate over eBook readers I finally decided to get a Nook (Barnes & Nobles’ version) a month ago and I love it! It’s very portable and much easier than having to make room on my bookshelf every year or so. DH finally agreed when he realized I could take the Nook on our long hikes when he gets distracted photographing rather than having me prod him to move along! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only problem I’ve been having is I can’t seem to find any eBooks for daily readings or a New American Bible. I’ve found the NRSV version but I’m not fond of the translation. Has anyone had any luck with finding a daily reading book in eBook format or do you know of any companies with plans of starting eBooks for daily readings? I’m not opposed to shopping on other websites as the Nook can support epub, eReader, and pdf.

Thanks for the help! :smiley:

I’m thinking of getting a reader & I’m thinking either the Sony or the Nook. My question is, what about footnotes?
Besides the Bible I have a lot of histories & other non-fiction that comes w/footnotes.

I also noticed that Amazon, Sony and B7N all offer the NRSV. The USCCB owns the NAB, maybe they need to be encouraged to offer it in ePub.

Have you or anyone else found a solution? I recently purchased a nook and have the same problem. I saw on another forum that some people have attempted to convert other text versions of the bible and catechism to epub or pdf, but it is apparently a cumbersome process and lacking book marks. I downloaded a free version of a bible in epub but it is 1000 plus pages with zero bookmarks or indexes. You can do word searches for phrases, however, the wording must be exact. You cannot jump to a book, chapter, or verse without manually setting bookmarks first.

Have you tried using calibre? I think it can convert ebooks into a better format for your nook. Also, here’s a website with tons of free Catholic ebooks in Adobe PDF format.

Yes, thanks

Since I posted this question, I have pieced together a Catholic version of the bible. It is still not easy to use, but it will do until someone comes out with a more versatile version.

I actually prefer the nrsvce. I think its what ewtn uses.

Yeah, my favorite is RSVCE.

Is there an version compatible with nook? Where do you find it?

I found the RSV at Ignatius press. HTH.

I researched it…

The Douay Rheims is in the public domain

Here is a place to download it:


Thanks for this information. How usable is this version? Can you jump to chapter and verse? Do string searches?

The version I currently have on the nook;

NRSV Catholic version Separate old and new testament books. Allows me to jump to a book or page but not chapter and verse.

I also have the Catechism converted with Calibre but it is also limited. I can search for a section (1133) and it will jump to it.

I do not have an ebook of the Bible. However, on the link I gave you there’s an email button on the page where you could ask these questions to Ignatius. HTH.

I bought a Kindle a month or so ago. Through Amazon I got the Ignatius Bible and a Douay-Rheims version. With the Ignatius version I can search by Book and chapter. (I can go to table of contents). But with the D-R there is no table of contents. I haven’t found a good way to move through the Bible .

I just got a nook (they use lower case “n” for its name) in July and LOVE IT.

I began looking for a NAB for you (and for myself) just now. I have found on the Barnes & Noble site they do have a 1977 version of the NAB for only $1.99.

However, in reading all the reviews, it looks like it is difficult to maneuver. Still, for $1,99…might be ok to have.

I am going to keep looking.

Unless I’m totally missing what you found, the only thing similar to what you describe is NOT the NAB, it is the NASB which is not a Catholic translation.

I would avoid the NAB (“New Atheist Bible” as I call it) at all costs. Other options (the Douay, the RSV - Catholic version, etc.) will I think be far more salutary to your faith.

You can d/l the Douay-Rheims here: freecatholicebooks.com/

The problem with this version is that it is strickly text and must be converted to be usable.

I downloaded it, it’s PDF.
Anyway, here’s another, also PDF but with a table of contents so you won’t have to scroll all the way thru to find what you’re looking for.


I love my nook, but you’re right, there doesn’t seem to be an NAB available for it (the one mentioned earlier for $1.99 is the NASB, not the NAB).

Years ago I bought the NAB from Olive Tree for my Pocket PC, and then I was later able to use the same file on my Blackberry, using Olive Tree’s app. Their software supports a number of mobile devices, and the NAB they offer has all the footnotes, and you can jump around, do verse searches, etc. It is excellent.

I also downloaded from them, for free, the Douay-Rheims and Latin Vulgate editions, and use them on the same reader software.


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