eBook Readers

I am considering purchasing an eBook device - either the Kindle or the one Barnes and Noble sells (Nook). I have read some comparisons but haven’t made up my mind yet.

I ~love~ to read, and although owning one of these won’t make me stop reading actual books, I would love the convenience of having many books at my fingertips.

I would appreciate anyone who owns one (or has had one and no longer does) to help me out.

Which one do you like better and why?
Are the devices easy to use?
Which size did you get and why?
Do you use it as much as you thought you would when you bought it, or did you go back to actual books?

Thank you! :thumbsup:

I bought a Kindle when they first came out, and I can honestly say I use it every single day. I definitely am getting my money’s worth out of it (although these are rather expensive devices). One of the gentlemen in my office wanted to buy either a Nook or a Kindle for his wife and after looking at my Kindle, and then going to a Barnes & Noble and looking at the Nook he decided on the Kindle. He had apparently done some research on the books that are available on the two different devices and he felt that Kindle offered more of the type of books his wife would read, and they were available for a lower price. I THINK (not sure about this) one of the benefits of the Kindle is that you can connect to the Amazon bookstore anywhere you can get a cell phone connection. I thought I read that Nook didn’t offer that ability. I can literally be laying in bed in the middle of the night and connect to the Amazon store and purchase and download books immediately. I really love that!!

I am a voracious reader, and the Kindle has definitely cut down on the money I spend on books. I still do purchase ‘paper’ books, but I have truly enjoyed developing a wonderful electronic book library as well. And I love being able to slip my Kindle into my purse and take it with me to read when I know I will be sitting and waiting somewhere (doctor’s office, mechanic shop).

I also love the fact that I can subscribe to newspapers and periodicals electronically. The daily peroidicals are downloaded automatically to my Kindle. (I currently subscribe to Catholic News Agency)

I’m sure either one will be a great benefit to you. I absolutely love mine.

Good luck! Let us know which one you decide to get!

P.S.: I think I saw an article recently that Wal-Mart or Target was going to start selling Kindles in their stores. Maybe you could find a store where they are selling them, and go take a peek for yourself. Seeing it “in person” might help you decide which would be best for you.

Thanks, Miss Linda. I had read that the Kindle worked best for readers who read more periodicals, classics, etc. And that the Barnes & Noble one was better if you liked fiction. (Has to do with the number of titles and kinds of titles avaiable to each.)

Hubby & I are going out later to catch a movie and are going to stop at the B&N store to look at the readers they sell. I’ll let you know what I think! (And what I buy, if I do.)

Yes, I had read that, too. I bought my Kindle last spring right after the Kindle 2.0 came out and long before the Nook debuted. But it worked out perfectly for me because I’m a big history/classics/biography kinda girl. I have been able to download Kindle versions of some Catholic books published by Ignatius Publishing, but their Kindle offerings are still fairly small. Honestly, I’m sure you will be delighted with either one. I really do believe that over time the libraries of electronic titles will become broader, and publishers will produce electronic versions of books that are compatible with most of the “mainstream” ebook readers.

I would LOVE to know your impression of the Nook, and to hear about which one you decide to buy (if you buy one).

Good luck, and have a wonderful weekend!

  1. There are two basic differences in readers. Some can connect directly to the electronic bookstore, and some cannot. This means some allow you to buy a book and download it into the reader without going through a computer. Others use the iPod model where you download into a computer, then load from the computer to the reader. Both type readers can hold many books.

  2. They come in different physical sizes, but can have the same size screen. This is because some have a physica lkeyboard that takes up extra space below the screen. I have a Sony Reader which has a smaller footprint than the Kindle, but has the same size screen. That size is most convenient for me. Others will have different preferences.

  3. All the readers use elctronic ink. That means you have to have external light shining on the screen, just like with a physical book. You can’t read the screen in a dark room. But the screens work just fine in bright sunlight.

  4. Some Sony’s have a LCD light incorporated into the rim of the screen. Others have a light cleverly stuck in the cover. I haven’t seen this on the other brands.

  5. You will need a cover Mine would have been destroyed without the cover. Covers are around $40.

  6. You can look at the online electronic book catalogs with your computer before buying the reader. Amazon and Sony both have a PC reader you can download to your PC. It’s free. then you can buy electronic books and read them on the computer.

  7. Don’t overlook the new Apple iPad. It has a wonderful Kindle application, and you can use it just like a Kindle. I think both B&N and Sony have similar apps for the iPad, so you could access all their elec bookstores. iPad is backlit, so you can read in the dark. It’s bigger than the others. Various prices dependingon WiFi and 3G connectivity. 3G then costs $25/mo for a connection. WiFi works with any WiFi and costs nothing more/mo. Personal preference again.

  8. These are the best things ever invented. But choose wisely to get the one that will meet your needs. You are the only one who matters.

Thanks, Miss Linda and Flycatcher for all your help.

I decided to purchase the B & N “Nook” after doing some comparison shopping. I seriously considered the iPad, but I wanted something that would fit into my purse. And for the types of books I read, the Nook fit my needs the best.

So far, I am very pleased…Flycatcher- you are right in saying these are the best invention! It is very addictive already!

The B & N store I went to is holding a tutorial class in their store next week for free - I think I will take advantage of it. They also hold a “Free Friday” which means on every Friday, the Nook owners can come into the store and download a new book (from a list chosen by the store). I saw the lists for the last two Fridays, and I would have had no trouble finding a book ( heck - many books!) to d/l. I aslo got a free $50.00 to spend on books or whatever I want from B & N. (That was a special for Father’s Day.)

I do have to get a cover. (Strange that the store doesn’t take advantage of the new buyers and have a few there to choose from at the time the Nook is purchased.) Hubby said he looked at them on eBay and leather covers are going for as little as $10.00.

Woo hoo!!! I am Electronic Geek Heaven! To have a new “gadget” as well as being able to indulge my reading habit — hey, get me a cup of coffee and my massage-chair recliner and I am one happy gal! :smiley:

:extrahappy: Yea!! I’m so glad you chose an eBook reader. I am sure you will be very happy with your Nook. I hope you can find a cover that you like.

It sounds like you got some fantastic promotional offers to get you started. I am so excited for you. I love my Kindle, and I’m sure you will love your Nook, too. I remember how extremely excited I was when my Kindle showed up. That was a great day!

I hope you are snuggled up with a piping hot cup of coffee and a good ebook right now! Happy reading! :tiphat:

I have the Sony PRS-300.

It doesn’t have wireless, but it’s built excellently and reads epub and pdf, which means you can download books from your public library. It’s also smaller, which I like and has an excellent screen, more clear than the Sony touch ones.

Hmmmm…I will have to see whether I can get anything from the library on my new Nook!

I ordered a red leather “flip” cover/case for the Nook from eBay for only $14.99!

Thanks again for all your help! :slight_smile:

I love my kindle. My brother gave me one as i present and I have no read a regularbook since. Books are cheap, you can get them the day they come out for a third of the hardback price and it autmomatically remembers the last page you read.

My duaughter has the Barnes and Noble version and says the selection is not as good as you get on the Kindle

Oooo, your red leather case sounds tres chic!! And at that price, you still have plenty of money left over to buy more books!

I bought a black leather flip over case for my Kindle (the standard case that is marketed by Amazon), and I’m so glad I did. It really does protect it. I have dropped my Kindle upon occasion and that case does protect it.

Congratulations again on your spiffy new Nook! I know you will enjoy it for many years to come.

I just got my Sony touch!
No, I can’t download direct by wifey or 3-d or whatever but then I just got used to buying stuff online a few years ago. But then I’ve never been in that huge a hurry to get a book.
Besides, there’s so much free stuff out there I’ve hardly bought any yet.

I would urge everyone to boycott the Kindle until Amazon abandons their proprietary format. I’ve been an Amazon customer but since they won’t offer .epub or other standard formats they’ve lost me as an ebook customer.

Just as I decided to buy the Sony I found out about the Aluratek Libre which looks pretty decent.

Also check out the Skiff Reader which has been bought from Hearst by Satan – I mean Rupert Murdoch.

(bold mine) …hee heee:thumbsup:

The Skiff looks pretty nice. (Very thin!) But I wanted something that I could slip into my purse. I would have to carry a pretty big purse to haul the Skiff around!

As for being in a hurry for a book…uhhhh…actually I have been known to pay extra to ship a book to my address in 2 days. Guess I am a total geek! heh! :cool:

How did we ever “live” without all these technical doo-dads?

I currently own:
A digital camera
a DSLR camera
A laptop Apple computer
my regular home computer
an iPod
a Blackberry
the Nook eBook reader

Am I unusual? Upon questioning several friends, I find I am not.


I have yet to find a book i wanted to read on my kindle that I could not find on Amazon so the proprietory format is not an issue for me.

Okay, time for my own confession. I have:

iPhone (which is practically surgically implanted to my hand)
iPod Classic (filled to the brim with wonderful audio books :D)
Kindle eBook reader (I :heart: my Kindle)
Digital camera
Desktop computer
Laptop computer
Electronic kitty litter box (cleans my cat’s litter tray automatically – see, even my pets are technologically enslaved!)

sigh I do really enjoy my little technology gadgets!

RazzsMom, I hope you are really enjoying your little Nook. Have you received your spiffy little red cover yet?

I am loving it. I just bought my first eBook!
I got the red cover…only to find out it must only fit Kindles. It is slightly too big for my Nook. Good thing I only paid $15 for it. So I am back to looking for a good Nook cover that doesn’t cost $40 or more! ack! :eek:

And - I wish they made an electronic doggy pooper-scooper. I’d buy it in a second. (We own two Rottweilers! They can make the yard look like the circus is in town!)

And I forgot to add ----- DH bought an electronic floor sweeper. It’s a round battery-operated gadget that runs around your floors and sweeps! Really excellent for doggie hair! It will go dock itself when it is done or needs a battery charge!

Anyway — the Nook is always with me now! And my Blackberry. And usually my iPod.

I do need a new purse…:smiley:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Now that’s a picture that’s going to be stuck in my head all day, Razzy!!!

Is that like a Roomba? I bought one of those when they first came out, and my long-haired cats just about killed it. I had to take it apart and clean out the ‘innards’ every time I used it. I just went back to a regular old vacuum cleaner. My cats shed all year round, so I have to vacuum every day.

I’m right there with you! I almost always have my Kindle and my iPhone with me. We’re just a couple of Wireless Warriors!!

YES!!! That’s a PERFECT excuse for a new purse!!!

Sorry the red cover doesn’t fit properly. I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but have you seen these decorative/protective films you can buy for all sorts of gadgets? I have coordinating ‘skins’ for my iPod, my iPhone, and my Kindle. All my devices are stylin’!! They have them for Nooks, too: istyles.com/ebook-readers-tablets-barnes-noble-nook-c-506_668.html

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