EC apologists

Roman Catholicism has scores and scores of apologists, and Orthodoxy has its fair share, but…are there any Eastern Catholic apologists of note, someone who argues the faith [well] from the Eastern Catholic perspective?

Maybe one day I can be a Byzantine Apologist!..maybe one day!

Only two comes in to my mind, Ghosty and Mardukm, if these people were not in this forum, we would have been eaten by the formidable Fr. Ambrose

:rotfl:Oh the memories. You make me feel old!

I’m humbled to be mentioned, though I hardly consider myself an apologist of note. I don’t even really consider myself an apologist! :o

I do like to spend time discussing and, if necessary, defending the Faith though. I must also admit that I miss having Fr. Ambrose here, though he still hangs around the ByzCath forums from time to time. :slight_smile:

Peace and God bless!

Fr. Thomas J. Loya (Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic) certainly comes to mind. Check out some of his wonderful “Light of the East” radio broadcasts here…

Click on “Broadcast Summaries” near the bottom of the page to find a topic that interests you, then click on the corresponding broadcast number in the streaming audio listing above.

Boy! I can agree with you there brother! :slight_smile:

The trouble is that most Eastern Catholic apologists I’ve seen have seen spend their time apologizing for being different from the Latins.

The same way that most Anglo-Catholic (once upon a time) would apologize for being different from ordinary Episcopalians.

I might mention that frequently on the Liturgy and Sacraments and Traditional Catholicism fora, when I’ve mentioned Eastern Christian practice as a way of reconciling two hard-line opposing views, I’ve been told to go to the back of the bus and get back to my ghetto here on ECF.

Even moderators have told me this.

This despite there’s NOTHING saying that these fora are for LATIN Catholics only.

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