Ecclesia Supplet and the validity of the Mass I assisted

Yesterday, I assisted at Mass. My parish is a CSsR parish. I didn’t recognize the celebrant, I study outside my province so I’m not entirely sure what was his role in the redemptorist community.

Now, Father celebrant started the Mass by sitting down after he venerated the altar waiting for the Entrance Hymn to finish. He isn’t that old. Then basically opened the Missal and paraphrased what was prescribed,he even skipped the absolution and made up his own Collect. He did the same for the Gospel.

I was just horrified! He did the same thing for the rest of the Mass, the Preface, the Eucharistic Prayer and he made up his own Consecration! He said “All of you take and eat it” then raised it.

Now I consulted a priest friend of mine who has a JCD and told him about it and he said Ecclesia Supplet, what happened was unfortunate but a valid Mass. Now according to another friend of mine who was a seminarian but now an officer on the Worship Committee in his parish and a traditionalist, said the Mass was invalid.

I did some research on Ecclessia Supplet and my non priest friend was right. Now I’m a bit confused.

I just want any opinion on this matter. Thanks.

P.S. the celebrant was an American.

America has good and holy priests, too.

Others will clarify this, but here’s the bare minimum for the Sacrifice of the Mass to occur:

Valid consecration of both species (validly ordained priest; bread + “this is my body” + intent to do what the Church does; wine + “this is the chalice of my blood” + intent to do what the Church does).
The celebrant receives the consecrated Eucharist under both species.

If all this occurred, I do think it would be a valid Mass, if a very messy and illicitly celebrated one according to your description.

If the priest simply said “All of you take and eat it” without praying “this is my body” and “this is the chalice of my blood”, then a consecration did not occur so far as I understand it. Thus, no Mass.

If the priest validly consecrated but did not receive the Body and Blood under both species, the Eucharist is present but the Sacrifice of the Mass did not occur.

I’m no lawyer but I’m not sure Ecclesia Supplet applies to these situations; either a Mass occurs or it does not occur… Maybe if he did not say a valid Mass, the unsuspecting congregation would not be at fault for missing Mass that Sunday due to “Ecclesia Supplet,” but I don’t think that effects the validity of the Mass. Others will be able to elaborate on this more.

We must pray for our priests always :gopray:

I believe the vanity of Mass is covered under DeDefectibus. Anything said whose meaning varies significantly from the prescribed formula makes it invalid.

Ecclesia supplet only applies to executive power of governance. It cannot make a Sacrament happen where matter, form, and intent are lacking. If faculties are lacking which would otherwise determine validity, as with confession or marriage, and there is a legitimate case of error (e.g. the penitent doesn’t know the priest lacks faculties and presumes that he has them) then the church supplies executive power of governance. The sacrament is rendered valid there but only because that power is required by law for validity. But the Church cannot supply what is essential to the nature of the sacrament itself. So if the priest used Doritos instead of bread or made up the consecration, then there’s no way anything could be supplied. This is a gross oversimplification, but you get the gist.


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