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Hi all…happy Easter

Wondering if any one could direct me into a good volume set for ECFs with pre,nicene and post.

Found this…

any one else has it …or something similar … any good?

Also looking for digital form with good search engine




This set costs less here.


I have it in 3 forms: printed books for $250, sophisticated software for $60, and simple software for free.

As Todd Easton pointed out, Christian Book Distributors (CBD) as the identical set for only $250 rather than $1100 for full retail at and elsewhere. I have this set and the quality is good.

For digital format with a very sophisticated but somewhat difficult interface, I also have this product (at a cost of $60):

However, this collection is in alphabetical order by author and then in alphabetical order by title – NOT chronological order or logical order as it is (more or less) in the printed edition. Also, this collection does NOT include any of the valuable introductions written by the editors of the printed edition.

For the same collection with the same deficiencies, but FREE – and in a less sophisticated digital format (simple search capability and not much else), go here:



Thank you Todd and Penitent


I have a set purchased from CBD - think it’s the one advertised. My only objection is the anti-Catholic remarks that occasionally occur in the footnotes and in some of the Introductions to various works.



Use Google to search the above sites for subjects and quotes

$30 here for electronic copy


IMHO the two best sources on the ECF (don’t forget the 4-volume LOH too!) ar the 3 volume set The Faith of the Early Fathers by William Jurgens and the Penguin Classics book Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers by Louth, Staniforth, and others.


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